Saturday, 1 December 2012

Notties; The Bookshelf Villains

Hey everyone! So, unlike my last post about those oh-so-swoon-worthy hotties from books, this post is all about those characters who you just want to go away and not come back. They are just so irritating and horrible, and the book could really do without them. You know who I mean? so, without further ado, here is my list of so aptly named 'notties' from my book life;

1. JP- the freak who lies compulsively and picks corn out of chili con carne- who even does that? He lied to Mia, tried to get famous by inviting the paparazzi to stalk them, and made a stupid play that embarrassed Mia. He is not a nice boyfriend, I was reading it and just mentally begging her to dump him! Uurgh, what a jerk!

2. Voldemort, Harry Potter Series. I know that he is probably on everyone's list, but I just had to include him! He is just so mean! I don't even get why he wanted to kill Harry so much, if neither of them figured out the prophecy, then they would be fine living in peace. He is just an evil man!

3. August Rosenbluth, Water for Elephants. He is a mean, wife abusing, evil poo-bum! UURGH! Why can't he just get run over by one of those circus cars. I know this is really mean, but when he dies, I was glad. Long live Jacob and Marlena(August didn't deserve her)!If you don't get it, READ the book! It's sooo good!

4. Garret Delaney, Getting Over Garret Delaney. This guy is a jerk, with a capital J-E-R-K. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, and is too dumb to realise that Sadie is in love with him. It made me really happy when she was starting to get over him, but then he just went and ruined it by coming back! He has the wrong timing with everything, he practically rules all of Sadie's decisions, and he is just a self-obsessed scumbag.

5. Valentine Morgernstern, The Mortal Instruments. He made his son part demon. What more can I say? This man is a creep.

6. Stuart Hertzog, Girl Meets Boy. I know that this book is not strictly young adult, and his brother, Mitch, is on the the 'hotties' list, but even though they share the same genes, Stuart is mean and horrible. His head is stuck so far up his own arse that he can't see tomorrow  He thinks that he is better than everyone else in his family, runs to his 'Mummy' is anything even remotely bad upsets him, he's more two faced than Professor Quirrel in the first Harry Potter film, and he is a mega homophobe towards his younger sister. Are you beginning to understand why I hate him so much?

7. President Snow, The Hunger Games. He poisons people. I think that this alone is enough to warrant him being on this list. But not only does he poison people, he tries to control the whole of Panem, cuts people's tongues off(um..eewww?), oh, and to top it all off, forces children to fight to the death in a TV show! He is an evil man!

8. Teresa, The Maze Runner series. It's weird how few girl villains there are in books. But I really think that Teresa embodies the female villain to a tee, which is odd because she is meant to be a friend. I was reading the Maze Runner series with an open mouth at all of the horrid stuff that she does to Thomas, especially in the Scorch Trials. She is such a backstabber, literally, I swear she actually stabs someone in the back.

9. Paul Slater, Mediator series. I was undecided about whether to put Paul Slater in the Hot list or the Not list. I mean, he is super hot, but he is not very nice(except to read about his appearance). He is arrogant and scheming, a bit like Draco Malfoy(Why isn't he on here? Oh wait, he's hot), but Californian. He also tries to get rid of Jesse de Silve, which is a BAD move- nuff said.

10. Caleb Prior, Divergent. What a traitor!! Urrgh! I was so sure that Caleb was nice, but no, he is a stupid Erudite worshipping, fake glasses wearing, wimp. But, then again, after he realises the truth about Erudite and the War, he turns nice again. So, basically, he is a villain for two thirds of the first book. Ugh- I need to do better.

What characters from books can you not stand?
Jenny xx