Saturday, 29 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas

In no way do I mean to brag or show off in this post, however, I really wanted to show you guys what I received for Christmas! If you're not into these sorts of posts, then by all means, don't read it!

Obviously, though I thought that I should mention it, I am extremely grateful to everyone who is in my life, and everyone who bought me a present this Christmas. I had a great Christmas, and I am thankful to have such nice, and generous, friends and family.
 Why have I not purchased more from Lush?
 So many new books! Ahh! Be expecting a good few reviews in the near future.
 Fearne for Boots beauty box, can't wait to try this stuff out!
 Big barrel curlers; thanks Tabs!
 Finally got Sherlock!
 The forever lusted over Body Shop brushes that came as a totally amazing suprise!
 I do love me some candles!
 My family knows me too well; spoilt for lipbalm choice!
A couple of cute scarves and a pair of fluffy socks later and my 'Christmas Haul' has come to an end. I got some money as well from more distant relatives, and I am very excited to spend that- on beauty products, probably.

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?
Jennifer xx

All pictures are my own.