Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years' Eve; Walking In Heels

The daunting task of donning a pair of sky high heels to 'pull your outfit together' for New Years' is something that awaits most women at this time of the year. However, it's the actual steps that are more worrying than slipping your feet into the shoes.  But most women can agree that knowing they look great in a pair of heels would be all the more satisfying if they didn't have to fret about falling over, or breaking the stiletto off (eek!). As we all know, although it's embarrassing to ask for help, a few intelligent tips can go a long way, maybe long enough to ensure that you dance the New Year away, still wearing your heels.

Choosing the right heels is step one. Obviously stilettos are harder to walk in than platforms, and shoes with no strap could fall off more easily. I would suggest this; if you have never walked in heels before, go for a wedge. They are the most stable type of heel, and you are less likely to fall over in them.  For the semi-experienced heel wearer, i.e. the girl who buys heels and only wears them occasionally, go for a chunky heel. By wearing a chunky heel, you reduce the risk of falling as the shoes stable, but unlike the wedge, chunky heels normally have more height, or are platforms. An ├╝ber experienced heel wearer obviously wouldn't need me to tell them what type of heels to wear; however, I hold the view that: if you've got it, flaunt it. If you find that you can walk in skyscraper heels, why not wear them? My favourite style of the moment is a dark, velvet platform, in burgundy or emerald, for example.
A wedge, a chunky heel and platforms.

It doesn't matter whether it's Compeed or Sainsbury's basics, layer up those blister plasters like there's no tomorrow. While it may not be the most scientific tip, it certainly works. By cushioning your feet, especially where you're prone to blisters, with an effective layer of 'fake skin' made of plasters, you are protecting your actual skin from getting rubbed and hurt. This is my go-to plan every time I wear heels, and it actually works. I feel that I can keep my heels on for a least a couple more hours if I put plasters on before I go out. Cushioning gel pads for your shoes also work well if you don't want to waste plasters (the Compeed ones can get quite expensive!), and you can re-use them.

Walking with confidence sounds like such a simple task, but in reality? Not so much. Walking with confidence will actually lower your chances of falling over (you know where you're going, and with purpose), and the impact of your gorgeous heels will be enhanced by your gorgeous body language. My tip for confident walking? Think about something else. If you spend the whole time while you're walking worrying about falling over or embarrassing yourself, then you probably will embarrass yourself, and you certainly won't be having a good time. Think about how great you feel in your heels, think about what cocktail you are planning to order when you reach the bar, even think about how fantastic your crush(yes, we have been momentarily transported back to primary school) will think you'll look.

But probably my most important tip is this; only wear heels if you want to! If, five minutes after you're supposed to have left for that party, you are sitting on your bed, sick to the stomach nervous about wearing heels, don't wear them. There are thousands gorgeous pairs of flats on the market,  and you can still look just as gorgeous in a pair of comfy flats than an ominous pair of heels.

Enjoy your New Years' ladies!
Jennifer xx