Saturday, 8 December 2012

100th Post!

Hi everyone! Guess what?

You are currently reading A Sprinkling of Euphoria's 100th Post!


I literally cannot believe that I have written one hundred posts already- it seems like only yesterday that I started this blog! Here are a few blog facts to celebrate my 100th post;

My most popular post is the Halloween Candy one, which was quite a suprise! I guess the whole world loves candy as much as I do!

I get the most views from the United Kingdom, with the US second, and Russia third.

And 50% of my views are from a Windows computer.

Isn't that interesting? Yeah, I guess not. But I am all to happy that I have hit my one hundredth post, and I would like to say thank you to you. Even though I would probably still write if I got no  views, I makes me so happy to see that people are reading my blog! I am so grateful that I have great raders like you!

Jenny xxx