Friday, 30 November 2012

Hotties; The Bookshelf Boyfriends

The whole appeal of a good book to me is based on two things. The plot and the characters. I know, it sounds super obvious, but good characters and a storyline that is actually interesting are what stops me from dumping the book back on my bookshelf after the first twenty pages. And, as shallow as it is, what really keeps me reading is the allure of a hero. I love reading, mostly through the eyes of a heroine, about first loves, romantic dates and falling in love with them, with the force of the heroine driving the relationship(but not in a creepy way!).

And, I have read many books. There are just too many swoon-worthy guys for me to mention them all, but I thought that I would let you know my list of top 10 fitties(what? I also like their personalities) from books.

Here they are;
1. Michael Moscovitz, The Princess Diaries. So, this list is not in order of preference, but he is SO number one! God, he is just so perfect! I literally get this feeling in my stomach, like noodles being stirred or something(what? I'm not weird), whenever he says anything in these books! AHH, he is the epitome of swoon-worthy-ness.

2. Joe Fontaine, The Sky is Everywhere. This guy is, like, the epitome of the dream man. He's hot, he can speak French, he loves Lennie, he's passionate... Gah, the list goes on and on. Plus, the author(Jandy Nelson) made it so easy to fall into(and in love with) this character!

3. Will Herondale, The Infernal Devices. In this book series, written by the same author as the Mortal Instruments(Cassandra Clare), Will Herondale is moody and passionate, but sweet and romantic at the same time, not to mention gorgeous. This all makes for a rather entertaining, and swoon-worthy main man.

4. Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I contemplated for ages about whether to include this one, and the next one. As they are both in movies already, it is hard to imagine them not as the people who play them on the big screen. But I eventually decided that I would, purely because of their awesome-ness in the books. He is such a heart-throb in this book, but I have to say, he does ruin it a bit by dating Cho Chang(uugh).

5. Edward Cullen, Twilight. I know, don't hate me for it, but in he books, he was so nice. If it had been about the movies, then Jacob would have obviously triumphed, but he just isn't very nice in the books. Edward is so gorgeous in the books, and he actually cares about Bella, which is just so nice!

6. Four/Tobias, Divergent. This guy=hot! There's just something about a guy in charge that attracts  every female reading it(not in a weird way!). He's moody and aggressive  but deep down has loads of issues, and a marshmallow heart! Gosh, he's so hot, I don't even mind his tattoos!

7. Any male character that comes straight from the mind of Meg Cabot. Tommy Sullivan(Tommy Sullivan is a Freak), David(All American Girl), Jason(How to be Popular), Mitch Hertzog(Boy Meets Girl), Jesse de Silva(Mediator series)- They are just all perfect. I know that I made a separate entry for Michael Moscovitz(come on, he deserves it), but I couldn't forget the rest of her swoon-worthy hotties! They really make her books a pleasure to read!

8. I know that this is not strictly 'Young Adult', but I couldn't resist including Luke Brandon, Shopaholic Series. He is just adorable! It does make me sad that all Becky does is lie to him, but they are cute together. Although, he would be pretty cute on his own! He loves Becky so much, and he looks hot in a suit, what more could she want in a guy? Also, his little temper issue kinda makes him even hotter! Not in an abuser kind of way, but he seems to get all steamy when he shouts, which I must say, makes a nice change from his usual adorably self.

9. Jace Lightwood/Wayland/Morgernstern/Herondale, or whatever his name is, The Mortal Instruments. This guy literally has me swooning on the sofa whenever I read this book series. He is the perfect ratio of manliness, moodiness, fearlessness, and devotion to Clary. Also, he's quite a bit rude. But, I just love thic character. It also helps that I imagine him as Alex Pettyfer. I mean, who could resist an Alex Pettyfer image in your head? I couldn't.

10. Finnick Odair, The Hunger Games. !Spoiler alert!, but I was really sad when Finnick died. I really loved him as a character. And, it's really no surprise that I imagined him as Alex Pettyfer(are you sensing a pattern here?). I know everyone was banging on about Peeta, but I think it was Finnick who caused the swooning for me in this story. He's strategic, sexy and strong, what more could you want?

Who do you like best for a Bookshelf Swoon?
Jenny xx