Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get the Gossip; Healthy Cupcakes, Fall Nail Trends, Hot Air Balloons and more...

So, how is everyone this week? Enjoying your summer? I know I am! Here are my favorite finds of the week;

Super good news for all of your american kids- Congress thinks that cupcakes are healthy?! congress wants to add cupcakes to school lunch lines, fighting against Barak Obama's pursuit to make lunches healthier. A new bill would allow any cupcake, regardless of fat content, to be counted as a vegetable, as long as it has a small sprinkling of dried greens on top of the frosting! Could this be happening in the near future, especially when the election is only 3 months away in November? Recpie for this green sprinkled 'vegetable' cupcake can be found here. 

Here's a cool idea; why don't you turn a few old beer bottles (washed out, of course) into a pretty light display? This idea simply requires you to drill a whole near the base of a beer bottle, and poke a section of fairy lights inside. then continue this into a few more beer bottles, until you have a glowing display. You could even try this idea with a more interesting bottle, for example a funky shaped port bottle, or a pretty coloured wine bottle, if you liked original the idea.

As Autumn is fast approaching, my hopefulness for an Indian summer is ever growing. However, whatever the weather, i am totally looking forward to enjoying wearing this seasons hottest colours on my nails! (Btw, I am wearing Topshop's Celestial on my nails at the moment. It is the prettiest cornflower blue, and the quality is great too!) So this fall deep, luxurious purples, striking neutrals are whats hot. My pick for purples is definitely OPI's Midnight in Moscow, a rich plum, and for neutrals it would have to be L'oreal Paris' Opera Ballerina (101), the sweetest baby pink ever! Photo from here.

And lastly, Here is a photo which i found on weheartit(love that website!). I just think that this photo is so beautiful- i would love to fly in a hot air balloon! Ahhh i love it so much!

Well, that's it from me, enjoy the rest of your week!
Jenny xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hey guys, just a quick update on whats been happening in my life, and why i've been totally MIA for three weeks!

For the last two weeks i have been on vacation, and since i have been back my PC went completely spazzo and died every time i turned it on. So, we got a new one, but it hasn't been set up yet. Also, my iPod deleted the blogger app, so here i am, forced to write to you guys from my sisters laptop. I know, excuses excuses.

Oh, and also I wanted to say that i dyed my hair pink! well, just the ends, but still.

So, i just wanted to say that i haven't abandoned you- I'm still here! The posts are coming again!

Also, don't you love the picture? I Love Photoshop :)

Have a great day!
Jenny xx

P.S do you like this photo? I love it :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cold Shower?

Ever thought about taking a cold shower? I love the refreshing feeling of a cold shower when you've been in the sun all day, but at 7.30 in the morning when you're running late for school, not so much!

Actually here are some great reasons why taking a cold shower is actually beneficial to you, and your health!

1. Cold showers can actually improve your immunity against infection and cancer! The cold water can crank up your metabolism to get your body working twice as well!

2. Cold showers can actually help to reduce stress by regulating your nervous system. So if you're worried about a test in school, or a first date- cool off with a cold shower!

3. Taking a cold shower can actually help with insomnia, and it's important to get a good nights sleep.

4. The cold water from the showers will make the cuticles in your hair tighten, leaving your hair shiny and smooth. this also prevents dirt from gathering at the roots of your hair, meaning your hair will grow thicker, stronger and cleaner! At the end of all of my showers, I turn the heat down and do a final rinse of my hair in cold water for that very reason. I always want my hair looking shiny and healthy.

5. Having a cold shower on a morning when you just cant seem to wake your head up is a great way to start the day! The cool temperature will make you more alert and feeling ready to tackle the day!

6. Cold temperatures also make pores tighter, which prevents out skin from getting clogged up with dirt and grime- yuck! in turn, the chances of developing blemishes and acne are reduced!

7. And lastly... Cold showers help our skin to remain youthful as the temperature actually gives your body a detox, helping our skin to get rid of toxins.

Will you be taking cold showers more often now? I know I will!

Jenny xx