Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Favourites

It's favourites time again people, and I know that February is the shortest month, but seriously. Did it even last five minutes? At least the end of another month means another favourites post! This month all of the items are beauty related. This is simple because I haven't had time for much else. I have been enjoying the TV show How I Met Your Mother(the new season), but apart from that, I haven't even read one book!I need to get a grip! 
Without further ado, lets commence into the world of Feb favourites.
First up is the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream. After borrowing(ahem, stealing) this hand cream from my sister, I quickly became addicted to it. I told myself that I wouldn't, but sadly I did. This product really doesn't need bigging up anymore than it already has been, but this hand cream moisturises my hands without leaving them feeling greasy and sticky.
Next up and keeping with the skin care theme, is Sudocrem. I know that you're probably wondering why a nappy rash cream is included in a favourites post of someone who most definitely doesn't wear nappies, or have any children whatsoever. I have been trialling  it as a spot treatment, and I have to say that I have noticed some improvement in the redness of my skin around blemishes and such. It actually does say on the packaging(albeit in small letters) that Sudocrem is effective at treating acne, and a thin layer over any spots before bed has been working a treat this month. 

Moving swiftly on, next we have makeup. I have included two lip product favourites this month, the first being the Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial. These pigmented and luxurious glosses were released at the back end of January, and I have been wearing them a lot during February, the first month of them being on my beauty shelf(well, duh). I did a full review a couple of weeks ago, and I mentioned that they seemed to transfer a lot, which I wasn't a fan of. However, I have found that applying a layer and blotting it with some tissue, then applying a second, thinner layer and patting it onto my lips has kept the gloss in place quite nicely. The colour of Celestial is gorgeous, too.

The second lip product is not one that I have ever heard anyone talk about in the blogosphere, which surprises me considering the quality of the product. The Topshop makeup range has received a great response in the blogging world, however this gloss was part of a set of three that I had never seen on the internet before(and I read A LOT of blogs). My favourite colour is this gorgeous sheer gloss with lots of gold specks and sparkle running thought it. Childish, and kids-sticky-gross-makeup-set as this colour may sound, it looks unbelievably sophisticated on the lips, but with just a hint of youthful sparkle. And the best part? It's not sticky at all(oh the burden of a sticky gloss).

Onto the face, and this month I have been in love with contouring/bronzing. I lightly contour my face everyday, and it does make such a difference. I use the MUA Bronzing Powder, as I like the matte quality, and this Real Techniques contour Brush. This contouring brush is very good at what it does- it applie the perfect amount of product on the face, but it small enough that you don't get it seared all over your cheeks. I like to use this brush to apply the product, and then blend/buff it out with a bigger, fluffy brush. This is simply because I don't have time to buff it with the smaller brush, and in this case, bigger works better.

No blush other than the Louise Gray for Topshop cream blush duo in Up In The Air. Although this was released months ago, I have recently started re-loving it. It provides two options for cheek colour, however, I like to swirl my blush brush in both colours for a natural look. The formula is very creamy, and nice to use as well. This blush stays put for a couple of hours, which is ok, but the colours are truly gorgeous on the skin, and I have really been enjoying using this duo. 

Nivea Extreme Resist Mascara in Brown has been my favourite mascara for the month of February. The mascara itself has practically run out, and it is getting a little dry and clumpy now, but in its prime, his mascara was fantastic. It lengthened like no other, and it was a softer, more natural alternative to the sometimes harsh black mascara(my favourite mascara of all time is Benefit's BADGal Plum, so maybe I've got a thing for coloured eyelashes?). The wand is also angles upwards, which makes the application a lot easier. I have loved using this with curled eyelashes, as it makes the look even longer, and more dainty.

My last favourite of February is a nail polish. But not just any nail polish, a UV polish that is so bright I'm pretty sure that it glows. My sister actually bought this nail polish in Camden before going to see Coldplay's liv tour last Summer(so that the UV in their set would make her nails glow), and I hadn't tried it out until this month. It looks lovely and bright on the nails, shocking almost. But with Winter dragging on, and the cold weather refusing to shift, wearing this colour on my nails really brightened my mood. It is a neon yellow(it looks a bit weird in the photos), and unfortunately I have no idea where you can buy this from! However, Models Own has just released a new range of neons, and American Apparel's neon polishes are rumoured to be great, so try them as a dupe.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Febuary Favourites. Do you have any favourite of this past month?
Jennifer xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Weekend Manicure; Moody Mink Look & Review

So the other day I picked up a new nail varnish- kind of a spur of the moment thing, because I really don't need to be buying anymore nail varnish, but oh well. And to justify my unnecessary spending, I thought that I would write a post for you guys about it.

Please excuse the state of my nails in these photographs- they have recently started breaking really badly, and I just can't seem to leave them alone- any tips?

The nail varnish that I 'splurged' on was, in fact, carrying a mere £1 price tag. It is by MUA, a Superdrug own brand make up line that sells dirt cheap and remarkably good products. I bought the shade Moody Mink. It is a beautiful colour, but so hard to describe. I would say that it was a neutral taupe-y mauve, but that sounds disgusting! It looks really nice on the nails; it stands out, but at the same time, is neutral. I would class this as the perfect colour if you we're going to work or school, and bright colours are looked down upon. However, you could probably dress up this colour with a little glitter topcoat- I think a gold glitter would work really nicely.

For my manicure I simply painted two coats of Moody Mink, and had my ring finger as an accent nail. Having an accent nail is a really easy way to jazz up a plain manicure, and can look great with similar colours or contrasting ones! For the accent nail I used a Claire's Accessories nail polish.

This look is so budget, but still manages to look sophisticated and glamourous!

What do you think?

 MUA Moody Mink, Claire's Accessories Polish

Have a nice weekend!
Jenny xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

Rimmel Apocalips, Top:Stellar, Bottom:Celestial

The plenty raved about Rimmel Apocalips landed in my Boots basket a few weeks ago(who put them there?) and I have been loving trying them out. The colours are very bright, but I think that's a good thing-so many high street beauty brands are crap at pigmenting their products. The range contains numerous colours for all skin tones and preferences, and the packaging is pretty cool. The lid looks a bit like a black ice-berg! although, they did steal Illamasqua's  Apocalips teal lipstick with the name, and I can't say I like that very much.

The shades I picked up were: 501 Stellar, and 101 Celestial. Stellar is a bright, brighter than a fire engine red, but oddly enough it looked quite pink in the tube. On the lips it is a true red, and really stands out on the face. Celestial is a dusky rose colour, perfect for many skin tones, and all seasons. This colour is my favourite of the collection(I also liked Nova, but I really didn't need another bright barbie pink).

The packaging includes a little suction near the top(where you pull the wand from). This means that there is barely any product on the wand, as it is all concentrated on the doe-foot. This is great as the top of the lip gloss doesn't get all gross and dirty.

The doe-foot applicator allows for full coverage on the lips with minimal effort. I have really been loving this applicator, and the actual plastic wand bit is quite bendy, so it is even easier to work the product into the lips.

 L-R: Stellar, Celestial

 Swatches in daylight/sunset.

 Swatches from after I removed the lip lacquer with a makeup remover that removes waterproof mascara.

Apocalips in Celestial

Overall, I really like these lipsticks. My only vice being that they transfer like crazy. I was expecting more of a glossy stain, but true to the branding, this product really is a lipgloss, and a tranfer-prone lipgloss in such bright colours will surely not end well. Apart from that, I would definitely like to purchase more from this collection, and I think that these products were of a great quality.

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers?
Jennifer xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Real Techniques Kabuki Brush

This kabuki brush by Real Techniques is packed full of the softest bristles. The angle of the brush means that it is great for contouring as well as all-over-powder. I like to use this with my favourite face powder, Rimmel Stay Matte, down the centre of my face. 

 The clever thing about the brush is that it is split into two, connected by a middle hinge. The pars are held together by a magnetised centre, and when the brush opens you get an even bigger area to apply procut with. This is such an innovative idea , and definitely something that I could see being cool for powder o blush brushes in the future.

A real techniques brush for £2.75? I knew that they were cheap, but when I saw this unbelieveable deal in Superdrug(not online), and I simply couldn't pass it up. I am not sure if this deal is on at all Superdrugs(they have only recently started selling the Real Techniques brushes), but compared to the £11.99 that Boots are charging, I think that I may have to go back and stock up!

Do you think you'll be picking on up? 
Jennifer xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hair Routine; Styling Appliances

I rarely use anything other than my GHD's and my Andrew Barton hairdryer to style my hair(except products). I have had my GHD's for about 5-6 years now, and they are just as good as they were when new. They heat up in 10-15 seconds, and get truly hot(not medium hot like most straighteners). I own the original Gold IV Styler, and I find that it is the perfect size for straightening large amounts of hair, or small baby hairs. I also like to use the straighteners for curling my hair. Being the most expensive item in my 'beauty collection', I can see why this would be a no-go purchase for some people, but I literally could not see me styling my hair without them.

My hairdryer is essential to my styling routine, and even though I do not use it everyday, my Andrew Barton hairdryer is the best one that I have tried. This is actually my second hairdryer of this model as the first one broke(but after a year and a half), and it shows how much I love it as I purchased this exact one again . My mum even has the same one! I like that there are multiple setting on this hairdryer; heat settings, strength of blowing settings, and a cool setting. It also came with a diffuser and nozzle attachments  There are many options for this hairdryer, and it is easy to achieve the look that I want.

What electricals do your use to style your hair?
Jennifer xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope that everyone, whether single or in a relationship, or in an "it's complicated" enjoys today, because it's only one day a year that you are allowed to be euphoriously in love. In love with someone, in love with life, or just in love with the idea of love.

I know that I've been Valentines' crazy these past couple of weeks, but I really do love(haha) the holiday. To celebrate I thought I'd publish a few facts all about the big L.O.V.E, for your entertainment! (You might need to zoom in a bit, the writing is quite small.)

Have a great day!
LOVE Jennifer xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Girly Valentine's Makeup Look

Today, in honour of Valentines I am going to show you how to achieve a girly, pretty makeup look, perfect for a date.

The Products:

I am going to write this in the order that I would put makeup on, eyes first, then face, and lastly, lips. This makeup look is made using entirely high street(or drugstore) products to make it as achievable as possible. However, you can switch the products for more expensive dupes, or your favourite products in similar shades.

Start by applying the matte pastel pink shade all over the eyelid, and then apply the colour tattoo directly on to the inner and middle lid. Buff the cranberry pearl shade into the crease- this create a softer crease look that a matte brown shade(the typical crease shade). Blend all of the shades where they meet, to make the eye look a bit softer and more romantic, and finish the look with a small dotting of the loose shadow powder in the tearduct area, and as a brow highlight.

Finish the eyes with one-two coats of mascara. I live the Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel, as the wand it really thick and makes the eyelashes look really long. However, if you want a more natural look, try a brown mascara, or a purple one(this Benefit one is my all time fave!).

Keeping the face very simple and romantic, start with some pale Barbie pink blush on the cheeks, just above the apple; by applying blush just above the apple of the cheeks, you create a much more youthful look, as applying it on tha apple only looks natural when smiling- if you're not smiling, it pulls the face down. Dust a small amount of pearly highlighter(the top two shades) on the tips of your cheeks, to give more glow to your face. Finish with a dusting of pressed powder all over the face, paying close attention to the middle of the face, prone to oiliness. I have skipped foundation for this makeup look, as I wanted it to be as fresh-faced and natural as possible, but you can always add foundation if you want.

The idea of a bright lip transferring onto your dates lips after a sneaky end-of-date kiss is mortifying to me. Also, I'm pretty sure that all guys are terrified of gloss(it is very sticky). This Sleek tinted lip balm is the perfect alternative to lipgloss or lipstick. Simply pat it on the lips, and after a few seconds it will stain. It isn't sticky, and the colour lasts for hours- perfect. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is a great alternative to this lipballm, if you don't have access to it, I think that the shades Honey or Cherish are really cute for a date.

I hope that you all have a great Valentines day, and that this makeup look scores you some points with your date! 
Jennifer xx

Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Day Baking

I love all things baking, but I love nothing more than Valentines Day giving me an excuse to go all out with the pink love heart foods. Here are a few ideas for Valentines baking, and be warned: I am going to go all out with the hearts here.

 Heart Macaroons! I would love to try these, but I have heard that they are really hard- maybe it will take more than one attempt, but I'll get there.

Make your sweetheart some heart eggs for Valentines- I think the stick they used is a chopstick(it took a good few minutes of looking to work out what it was!)

This is so clever; put marbles or a rolled up ball of tin foil in the tray with your muffins. This will make them cook in a heart shape.

Don't these Red Velvet Brownies look simply divine! I will definitely be trying them.

DO you have any favourite valentines baking traditions?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentines Decor

Even though Valentines day is only one day in the year, I always think that valentines decor looks cute all year round. Who doesn't love a little hearts and romance scattered around their home all the time?

Make this cute canvas with some paint, masking tape(to keep the paint in a straight line), and some red buttons. 

This is my favourite DIY of the lot; coil some wire into the word 'love', and wrap with pink or red string. Super cute!

Print out this cute picture and frame it- so shabby chic and romantic.

Make this adorably garland from old canvas shopping bags cut into triangles. Print with hearts, and string them into bunting. 

Not exactly home decor, but it's a pretty cute idea; bend paper clips into hearts to jazz up work. I'm pretty sure that these would be more sturdy on files anyway.

Make a heart out of wire, and wrap pink string around it, like a dream-catcher. Hang wherever you like!

Coat the inside of a mason jar with Valentine's coloured paint, and use it as a flower vase, or in my case, to store makeup brushes!

Do you like Valentines decor?
Jennifer xx