Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Battle of the Bookcovers

Books nowadays have such beautiful covers. And while I know that you should never judge a book by its cover, we all do it. Here are some of my favourite book covers;

I know that the Harry Potter book series was re-released a fair few times, but my versions of these books have illustrated covers which are so cute. Every cover depicts a scene from the book that it covers, but I like the Philosopher's Stone cover the best.  While it's not my favourite book (a close second), the cover art is so perfect for the book, and it is nice to see the fantasy land of 9 and 3/4 come to life.

I absolutely loved Delirum, this books predecessor, I still haven't managed to finish Pandemonium. I love the cover on this book, in real life the colours are a mixture of burnt oranges and peachy tones. The image itself is is a silhouette of a girl in long grass with a collection of birds flying in the background. This looks very pretty on my bookcase, and it is truly a beautiful cover.

I adore this book, and the cover! It features the signature symbol of the Dauntless faction, set above the Chicago skyline where the book is set(but in the future). Unfortunately, this picture does not really showcase the cool thing about the cover- its holographc! In this blog post the picture is better.

One of my favourite books, and one that I have literally just finished re-reading, is Water for Elephants.  This is a book about the circus, which is why the cover is so appropriate- I especially love the sepia effect on the front. The spine is an insane striped pattern of red and black, which looks awesome on my bookcase! Also, at the beginning of nearly every chapter, a real life circus image is pictures. It is a nice treat to be able to see what the circus would have been like back then.

And the winner is...

But the book cover that WINs it for me is definitely the Shopaholic in Manhattan cover. The cover is typically bursting with Becky Bloomwood's unnecessary shopping, but this time it is sitting in a New York yellow taxi accompanied by the Statue of Liberty. This cover also extends onto the inside of the book as well, which is nice because you get to see the whole illustration. The spine is a really beautiful lilac colour. If you love books for their covers(even though you shouldn't judge! tut tut), definitely get this one- it will look stunning on your book shelf.

Do you have a favourite book cover?
Jenny xx