Monday, 24 December 2012

Books For Christmas Day

It's getting pretty obvious that my blog is being consumed with the Christmas spirit, and that it pretty evident in my recent post. However, there is only one more day until Christmas, and the posts will cease then. Although, I am tempted to show you what I got for Christmas, so that may be coming up...

Anyway; today I am going to show you my two favourite books to read on Christmas day. One is a cooking book, and the other a small comedic books written as a series of mini stories.

Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends and Festivities by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Christmas is one of a collection of Christmas cooking books that I own, but definitely my favourite. All of her recipes are delicious, I've yet to find one that I didn't like, and they are scattered with anecdotes and ditties from her own life that make the all too stressful task of Christmas cooking a little easier to bear.

My favourite recipe is the one for perfect roast parsnips, because, fun fact: roast parsnips are one of my favourite foods!

A Wayne In A Manger is a short book composed of small stories written from the point of view of a school inspector and set at Christmas. It tells, in mini stories, of his past experiences at Nativity plays in primary schools. And as well all know, little children can be quite unpredictable. These stories are absolutely hilarious! You probably don't know this, but whenever I find anything funny, I normally cry when I laugh, and I was crying my eyes out laughing at this book- thank god I'd already taken off my make up!

What is your favourite book to read on Christmas day?
Jenny xx