Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Favourite Lipsicks; December

I love wearing lipstick all year round, but there are so many opportunities to wear lipstick in the Winter that I thought I would let you know my favourite picks. I have chosen two lipsticks for this December, one for Christmas, and one for New Years Eve. 

Obviously, the Christmas lipstick would be a red one. My favourite for Christmas is Benefit's One Hit Wonder. It is a beautiful red colour with a hint of bronze shimmer. The colour is quite sheer, but easily buildable, and the formula is so moisturising!I think that this colour would look gorgeous on medium/dark skin tones, but I have pale skin and it looked fine. I would probably wear this lipstick with pale bronzer as blush, and plain eyes-maybe a frosty, pale shadow, and thick eyeliner. This colour is sooo Christmassy!

New Years Eve is one night in the year when you can commit as many beauty sins as you like and no one punishes you. No heat defence spray when you straighten your hair for the thousandth time, forgetting to take your make-up off at night, going a bit OTT on the glitter, going big and bold with lips and eyes- you name it, people are doing it on New Years. and since you're going bright anyway, why tone down your lipstick? NYC's Blue Rose is an ultra bright hot pink lipstick with a slight blue undertone, and shimmer. It looks so bright on, but in a nice way! I can see this working with mega-glittery eyes and glamourously curled locks! 

My swatch picture(excuse the quality- I'm so bad at taking them without looking retarded!) really doesn't do either lipsick justice- they are both shimmery, beautiful colours, perfect for this December.

L-R NYC Blue Rose, Benefit One Hit Wonder

L-R, Benefit One Hit Wonder, 
 NYC Blue Rose

Top-Bottom, Benefit One Hit Wonder, 
 NYC Blue Rose

What's your favourite lipstick for December?
Jenny xx