Monday, 10 December 2012

My Recent Life #1December

Hi everyone! So, recently I feel like I haven't really been saying too much about my personal life, and I apoligize. This is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, but I obviously forgot the lifestyle!

I really enjoy watching people do tags on youtube where they talk about their life and other random stuff, so I thought, given that I don't have a youtube account, I would do a blogger tag. It's probably just going to be me answering a bunch of random questions, but lets get started!

Most recent thing that you've watched;
Young Apprentice, BBC1. My life is so exhilerating, right? Haha- I do love the apprentice, but I normally end up yelling at the contestants from my sofa because they have done something super stupid(I mean, who doesn't know what a candelabrum is, right?).
Last book you read/what book are you reading;
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I started reading this after getting obsessed with the BBC programme Sherlock a few weeks ago(a friend lent me the box set), and it is great!
Last thing you wrote down;
A shopping list, boring I know.
Favourite tv show of the moment;
Arrow. This show is on Sky1, and it is based on the 'green lantern' comics. It is so good, and the main character is super fit!
Most played song on you iTunes this week;
Lights by Ellie Goulding. I have had this song on my iTunes for ages, but have only recently rediscovered my love for it!
Last colour on your nails;
Revlon's Royal; it kept catching the light in the corner of my eye- very distracting!
What's in your pocket right now;
A packet of tissues and a pack of mint polos. Very very exciting. Not.
What did you last order at Starbucks;
I ordered a Toffee Nut Latte the other night, but as a treat. To be honest, it was my first starbucks in ages- I spend too much money on beauty products to get drinks from there!
What was the last thing that you bought;
Bizarly, a coat! I was in Primark today, and I picked up this cute coat with pompoms and a furrty hood! Also- if you happen to visit Primark in the near future, I would recommend going at strange times because it was SOO busy when I went in today that I literally queued for 25 minutes!
Where are you now;
Sitting on my bed!

I hope that satisfied your need to know what's been happening in my life recently! What did you do today?
Jenny xx