Sunday, 2 December 2012

Reviews; Best and Worst of November

Hi everyone! How are you all today? Good, I hope!

I literally cannot believe that it is December already! So, today I thought that I would do yet another review- oh how I love thee, about what I have been loving and hating in November. Anyways, so there have been a few things, some of them, in fact, most of them, are not beauty related, so this should be fun!

The first thing which I have been really loving this month is the Nescafe Cafe Menu Skinny Mocha. I know, I know, I claim to hate coffee, but, I actually really like this type. I actually got this by accident. I ordered the normal skinny latte, but when my groceries were delivered, they had substituted it with this type because they had obviously run out at the warehouse, or something. It cost me £1.50, and I think that I got something like 8 or 9 sachets in a box, which is great value for money, especially considering what this drink would have cost if it was from Costa or someplace similar. I normally use a third of one of the sachets, partly because if I didn't, my cup would overflow with foam, and also because this means that the coffee flavour is not as strong, which is nice. Also, I get three times the number of drinks!

To be honest, I really cannot taste the 'mocha' part of this drink, which is a bit disappointing  However, that does not deter me from loving this this month! Mainly, I have been drinking this with the gingerbread syrup that I made, an attempt to replicate the delicious Starbucks gingerbread latte that I downed last Winter. So far, it does quite well, but the gingerbread syrup mainly adds sweetness(which is quite useful, especially with coffee)- I think that i need to add more ginger. Also, a Starbucks Cafe Mocha can be up to 484 calories, and this bad boy? Well, it stands at a fraction of this, a whopping 76 calories. And I'm not counting, but it feels nice to unintentionally save yourself the sugar! So, yep. Been loving this.

Ok, the next thing is a HATE. I literally cannot stand this product- it makes me crazy! Ok, don't laugh, but it's glue. 'Ryman glue stick 20g pack of two white' to be precise. This is the crappest glue that I have ever used, with the only exception being the Adsa own brand glue stick- not only did this not glue, it smelled like rank hair-dye and toothpaste- and I hate it. This glue stick, which my Mum actually got for me, so no offence and thanks anyway, will not even glue paper to paper. Urrgh- it's so infuriating! And the worst part? I have two whole sticks to use up!

This next thing is something which I have been loving, and kinda addicted to! I have always loved Maroon 5, so when their new album came out a couple of months ago, and I heard rumours that it was super mainstream and pop-y, saddened, I decided not to buy it. But one of my close friends recieved it for her birthday, so I asked her to borrow it, because, since she already had it, then I wouldn't be wasting any money if I didn't like it. So I downloaded it onto my iTunes, and I love it. My favourite song on it is definitely One More Night. Also, I have really been loving Alex Goot(an emerging artist who posts covers of songs on YouTube) and his friends version too. I will link them both here;

Maroon 5:

Alex Goot:

So, that was all very happy- now onto another hate, just to even the score. My eyes. Such a source of pain for me. Basically, for a quite a few months now, my eyes have been very very itchy. I felt like I was constantly rubbing them, which I knew couldn't be good. So, a onth and a half ago, I went to the doctors about it, and she gave me these allergy eye drops, which I had to take four times a day. Annoying, Believe me, I know- but I took them anyway- I just didn't want my eyes to be itchy anymore! But a week later, they still were, so I went to the opticians for my very first eye test. Apparently I have twenty/twenty vision, but I also have mild Blepharitis. In extreme cases, this can cause swelling and flaking of the eyelids, especially close to the eyelashes. Gross, I know- but this condition is not curable. I can't get rid of it! Luckily, mine is so mild that it is just causing the irritation. But, goddammit, it's so itchy! I have to take these eye drops every night, and apparently in a few months, the itchiness should stop. At first, and remember that I've had this problem for about 7 months, it was painful. Now? It's painful and annoying. Uurgh- NOT loving it this month. By the way, don't you love the picture? Mine isn't that gross, but I just wanted you guys to see what the condition looked like.

So, there have obviously been a lot more things than this, but the post would go on forever if I listed them! What have you loved/hated in November?
Jenny xx