Friday, 7 December 2012

Black Brogue Heels; My Favourite Pair

Hi guys, so today I wanted to share with you some new shoes that I got recently. Aren't they gorgeous!? 

Buying shoes has always been a problem for me. I actually have very big feet, size 8 in case you wanted to know, and so not many styles or types of shoe feel comfortable enough that I would buy them.

But when I saw these black brogue heels on the Clarks shoes website, I knew that I had to have them. They were just so pretty! But they were quite expensive, especially on my budget. I really couldn't justify spending the £59.99 on these shoes. However, one day my mum came back from shopping with a pair of these shoes in her hand, and in my size. They were reduced to £49.99, and she said that I needed new shoes anyways, but it was very nice of her all the same.

The shoes have about a two inch heel, and are made of a black leather material with punched, stereotypical brogue detailing. The first time that I wore these shoes I got blisters. And the second time. However, these shoes are leather, so they will stretch, and my feet are extremely prone to blistering, so I was expecting it.

These shoes are really stunning whilst being simple and understated at the same time. There are so many looks that you can wear with them also, which is an essential quality in a good pair of black shoes.

I love these shoes, and definitely recommend them. Do you have a favourite pair of black heels?
Jenny xx