Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Nails!

Hi guys!
This post is long overdue, but worthy of talking about.; my favourite Holiday nail polishes!
Obvious choices for the holidays include reds and greens, of which I have included Ruby Ribbon and Emerald City, both Revlon. Both of these colours were from the Revlon Christmas collection a couple of years ago, and they are both matte nail polishes. However, I really like wearing these with a top coat over the top, just to enhance the shimmer in them. I swatched both matte and top-coated.

Next we have the ultra glittery option for the glammed up party chick. Everyone loves a bit of glitter, and I think that Barry M Ameythyst Glitter is the perfect option for Christmas or New Year. The colours of the glitter range from silver to blue to red, but they all work well with each other. I am confident that these nails would go with any outfit too, and if they don't? Just say that they're 'statement' nails!

The last two colours are from an Urban Decay polish set that I own, and they are called Superfreak and Love Train. Superfreak is a gorgeous, and very glossy and opaque metallic gold colour. This almost looks like a gold foil polish on the nails! I picked Love Train for my Christmas favourites because the pearlescent shade reminded me of snowdrops(the flower), and I just think that those flowers are very beautiful. It is also the colour of snow(immature me!)!

L-R Emerald City, Revlon/Ruby Ribbon, Revlon/ Ameythest Glitter, Barry M/ Superfreak, Urban Decay, Love Train, Urban Decay

Really crap swatches- my nails KEEP braking! I know, excuses, excuses, but I literally have no idea how to fix them- any tips for me?

What are your favourite nail polishes for Christmas?
Jenny xx