Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Favourites; Bloggers and Youtubers

Many people in the world have discovered the joy that is blogging, however, everyone has favourites. I have definitely gotten much more into reading other blogs and watching youtubers talk about beauty and their lives(I'm just a wee bit nosy) since starting my own blog. There are quite a few that I read/watch everyday, and I thought perhaps you guys would like to see what they are. If you have a blog/youtube channel that you'd like me to check out, please leave it n the comments, and I surely will!

 A Little Obsessed - blog
I love this blog for nail posts and outfit inspiration.

One Nail To Rule Them All - blog
Nail art is done magnificently on One Nail To Rule Them All. Every post gives me a tonne of inspiration for my own nails.

Pearls and Poodles - blog
 Love Love Love her outfit of the day posts, and her lipstick swatches are so beautiful.

What I Heart Today - blog - youtube
Probably my favourite youtube/blog discovery on 2012. This London girl does great makeup and always talks about interesting topics.

Vivianna Does Makeup - blog - youtube
The way that she writes is very sophisticated and elegant, but still manages to remain casual and entertaining.

Essie Button - blog - youtube
OMG, this girl is hilarious, and the funny thing is, she doesn't even try to be! Amazing beauty and great personality, love watching her.

The Sunday Girl - blog
The BEST swatches, and she blogs, like, three times a day!

And an honorable mention;
Jim Chapman from YouTube. This guy is so entertaining to watch! While he obviously does not do beauty videos, I love listening to his take on whats going on in his life, and it always certain to make me laugh.

Who are your favourite bloggers from 2012?
Jennifer xx