Saturday, 8 December 2012

Olivia Palmero Winter Style

Hey guys! So, you probably all know that I love Olivia Palmero's style, and when I came across this picture of her in this gorgeous winter outfit, how could I not share? I am not exactly sure when or where this picture was taken, but by the look of her outfit, I would surmise that it was rather cold! I know that this outfit is not exactly one that you could wear without getting a few strange looks, but with a few substitutes on certain pieces(the huge fur mitts?!), you could wear her look this winter.

  • I would probably start with a cute straight mini-skirt- Olivia wears a brown leather-look one, ut black is good too- and some warm woolly tights. 
  • Although we cannot see her shoes, I would probably pair this outfit with a pair of dark brown, super worn-in, comfy chelsea boots. I really like them with a bigger than normal heel, but the normal boots would look great too(Topshop has some really nice pairs!).
  • For the top half, I would start off with a thermal, long sleeved vest- a staple for the cold winter months. Over this I would, instead of wearing the fur jumper(which I very much hope is fake!), wear a soft beige or gray chunky knit, like this one. Although it is not beige-y, it would look really nice with the outfits neutral colours.
  • The coat is a large aspect of the outfit, and I would suggest wearing an oversized boyfriend coat. I really like this Topshop one, although not checkered, it would still look really nice.
  • And lastly, the snood. Since the rest of the outfit it pretty bland- why not go all out on the snood? I have a really nice furry dark maroon coloured one, but any coloured fur snood slung around your neck will look stylish as well as keeping you warm!

While I admire celebrities taking risks with their make up, I love Olivia's basic neutral look. To achieve this look, simply:
  • Apply a good foundation and powder all over your face to get a smooth base. 
  • Next, start on the eyes. I would suggest using matte colours- a mixture of browns and taupes- and a shimmery cream colour as a highlight for your browbone, and inner corner. I love Rimmel's 'Glam Ice' at the moment!
  • Sweep a tiny bit of plum toned blush over your cheeks- if you don't have a suitably plum blush, try rubbing in a tiny amount of plum lipstick on your cheeks.
  • Lastly- the lipstick. I searched and searched my lipstick collection to try and find one that matched her look. I finally settled on Nivea Colour Passion lipstick in the shade Rose 07. Any pinky/plum/neutral beigy shade will be great with this look!
Hope you enjoyed this look, even  if you don't love Olivia Palmero as much as I do!
Jenny xx