Monday, 29 October 2012

Not Very Scary; Halloween Books

Hi guys- you probably don't know this, but when it comes to horror films or anything similar, I am a total wimp. I refuse to watch anything where crazy stuff goes down. I won't even watch that film Stardust because the witch in it scares me! So, you're probably thinking, apart from 'what a weirdo', how can Jenny recommend books for Halloween? Well, here are five very mildly spooky books- by my standards anyway- which I think you'll enjoy this Halloween.

Number one isn't even a book; it's a series. The Mediator series, to be exact. I don't think that there is one Meg Cabot book that I didn't like, and the Mediator series is no exception. It's about a girl who can speak to ghosts; she needs to help them pass on to proper death, so she tries to fix their problems so that they will leave her alone. However, she falls for one of the ghosts- dilemma! It's such a good, funny and really cute series. And the ghosts mean that it sort of belongs on this list!

2. Harry Potter. No question- not scary, but spooky, definitely. I love these books, and even though you nay have watched all of the movies ten times(my oldest sisters excuse), the books are a million times better!

Three- I know this one doesn't sound very Halloween-y, but To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is really quite spooky. What with the mystery toys appearing in Scout and Jem's tree, and phantom neighbour Boo Radley- this book definitely has a few scary moments!

NĂºmero 4: The Maze Runner series. This series had me on edge the entire time, and quite frankly I was scared. The plot includes people getting trapped inside a maze and some of them getting killed by scary machine animals. Although, I actually enjoyed the series very much.

No. Five, sadly the last in the list, is A cheeky entry. Delirium by Lauren Oliver- I couldn't decide whether to put this on her or not, but then I just thought, what the hell? I think that this'd book is scary because it let's us know what earth could be like in the not too distant future, if we think that love is a disease. It's scary because it's so realistic; it would be so weird if we thought that!

I have realised that nearly every book on this list is in fact a series; why do my plans always fail? Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Jenny xx

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Get The Gossip; Halloween Themed DIY!

Hi you guys! This week's get the gossip is Halloween themed, as you could probably tell from the title. Here are my favorite internet finds from this week about Halloween, and they're all DIY! Have fun making these;

The first thing which I found was this Super cool looking glow-in-the-dark nail tutorial! It involves painting your nails black, and then painting on little ghosts in white, and made them glow by using the glow-in-the-dark polish: OPI's Zom-Body To Love, from their Haloween collection last year, as a topcoat. I love the effect, and I really want some glowing polish!

I love this almost ca-eye looking eye look! Even though it's not specifically Halloween, I think that it would look really effective with a dark vampy red lip; What? It's one night a year!

And another beauty tutorial! Well, it's OK if they're good! Haha
Anyway, This cat-eye nail tutorial is really awesome- it would add a pop of colour onto an 'all-black-cat' type outfit for Halloween parties. You could experiment with different coloured eyes, or even wear this look with the cat-eye shadow tutorial above, for a more full on effect! 

This pumpkin-free pumpkin autumn decoration is adorable! I love that it looks rustic yet preppy at the same time. To make it, all you have to do is cut a pumpkin shape from an old book- the thicker the better, and dip it in weak orange dye to colour it. Simply glue a bit of branch at the top as a stalk, and glue the front and back pages together, and you will have a great looking pumpkin in no time!

Don't these bright orange and black witch's hat cupcakes look great! I bet my attempt would fail so bad! Oh well, It could be the 'trick' of Halloween!

And last, but by no means least, this glitter slime monster tutorial looks so fun! You basically make a slime with glitter glue, water and Borax. you then decorate some cool looking jars, and 'make' you monsters! I can' wait to try and make one!

What are you going to try this Halloween?
Jenny xx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hallowe'en Nails!

Hey guys! So today I wanted to show you how to create two different looks for Halloween  to create the looks I used three nail polish colours(not including base coat); Revlon, Valentine; Barry M, Black;George(Asda), Matte clear coat.

I tested these looks on my nail wheels as my real nails have really been chipping and breaking like crazy over the past week. Also, my cuticles suck. Hence the nail wheel- I got mine at Amazon.

So, the first thing which I did was paint a clear coat onto the nail, followed by the black Barry M polish.

To make this look a bit more Halloween-y, I added a matte top coat onto the black, creating a gothic matte black nail(sorry about the photo quality- my camera wouldn't focus!)

Next, I dropped and spread about some of the Revlon Valentine polish at the tip of my nail. This creates the effect of dripping blood, which is super scar and Halloween y! If you wanted to be super daring, you could try a pale shade on your nails, or even white. This way the blood-red would be much more in focus, and you would probably get a bigger reaction.
(Sorry about the mess on my table!)
Here is the finished result; a matte black, blood dripping Halloween nail look!

If you want to be a bit more sophisticated or reserved this Halloween  you could try a matte finish blood-red french manicure! Simply paint a white base coat, and make it matte. Then paint the tips in the blood red colour of your choice! this would look really awesome if you had glow in the dark tips!

I hope you get lots of compliments if you try these out! 
Jenny xx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Release of RED

OMG Guys!!! Red is out today!!!

You will not believe how excited I am for this album release; you already can guess that I love Taylor Swift, but her new album RED was released today, the 22nd October at midnight. I listened to all of the song snippets on iTunes this morning while I was having my breakfast, and three songs stood out for me as my favorites;

1. 22
I can totally see this being her next number one single!

2. Come Back..Be Here
This is so cute, I'm literally in love!

3. Stay Stay Stay
I know that most people hate catchy songs, but with her, it works!

What's your favorite single from Taylor Swift's new album? Also, do you like the cover art?

Jenny xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pretty Pumpkins!

Wow, I have such difficulty spelling the word pumpkin! I know hoe to spell it, but when typing, my brain wants to forget the 'p'- it's so weird! Anyway- I found some awesome ways that people have decorated their pumpkins for this year, and since Halloween is coming up, I'd thought I would provide you with some inspiration, with the hope of seeing some incredible pumpkin displays this year.

You could paint your pumpkins this year for sophisticated Halloween style!

OMG- It's a Hippie Bus- what more can I say?

 This is such a cool idea- you basically melt wax crayons onto pumpkins. It's inventive and amazing looking, and it also rids you of all of the broken loose ends of wax crayon which are too short to use.

I think that this is so funny! A scary pumpkin eating what looks like a carved orange pepper!

For a bit of girly glamour this Halloween,  why not cover your pumpkin in sequins?!

Spray paint your pumpkin with glow in the dark paint, covering eye and mouth patterns in duct tape. when you leave it on your porch you won't even have to spend money on candles!

Don't we all just love glitter? I know I do

Do you have any inventive pumpkin ideas for this year?
Jenny xx

Friday, 19 October 2012

Stop The Routine; Don't Get Sick This Winter

Being that we're well into Autumn now, I thought that it was about time to do a health and sickness post. We all know the feeling of a back of the throat tickle thy signifies the beginning of the upwards struggle with Wintertime sickness. I had my yearly battle with a cold last week, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. Here are a few tips for staying healthy(well, as healthy as you can) during Autumn and Winter.

Okay, number one- ALWAYS carry tissues! They are absolutely essential! Buy them in bulk and put a couple of packets in every handbag, if you like. I'm sure that you hate the sound of someone sniffling in their blocked and runny nose as much as I do, so don't you be next! If you really want to clear your head maybe invest in some Olbas oil tissues, they're super strong smelling of stuff to make you better and keep runny noses at bay for longer.

Number 2; don't share. Yeah, I know, sharing is caring, but do you really want everyone else's germs inside of you? In the winter months, when your lips start to get really chapped, it is often thought that sharing lip balm is the best plan, especially if you've forgotten yours when you're out. Please don't share lip balm  for my sake. It is better to let your lips get dry for a day than risk getting colds and infections. My younger sister has the Cold Sore virus, and if you share lip balm with someone who has that then you get it too, and you can't get rid of it. Also, a good way to reduce your need for lip balm is to drink more water, which is, again, not a good idea, for the same reasons as the lip balm.

Oddly, gargling is Number 3. I know, right. Weird. So, Japanese studies showed that people who gargles with water three times a day, which is apparently the norm in the East, had 36% fewer colds than those who didn't. The researchers admitted that they didn't know exactly how it worked but the surmised that it could help clear mucus at the back of the throat, reducing colds and viruses. Why not try gargling with water three times a day?

I hope, for your and the people around you's sake, that you try and reduce the chances of getting sick this year. After all, if you're not sick then you can't infect anyone else and you don't feel awful. Double bonus!

Have a healthy week!
Jenny xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hottest Fall Nail Colours 2012

Hi everyone! So, today we have a post which I have wanted to write for ages, but I thought that I would wait and do a bit of research first. But, now, after a few weeks of scouring the shelves, I can present to you my fall nail picks for this year.

As most can tell, red and deep red and berry and oxblood are all colours of this season. I love Essie's Masquerade Belle(how cute is the name?)- It is the epitome of all of the fall reds. whats more, If you layer up this colour you can create a much darker red with the exact same nail polish- talk about two for the price of one!

Many Nail artists working backstage at the catwalks for this fall commented on the abundance of midnight blue nail lacquers. this colour, Midnight blue(perfect, right?), by Rimmel is a shimmery dark blue. It is very dark, and almost looks black, until you move your hand, and them you see glints of blue. A truly beautiful colour!

My personal favorite for this fall is probably Green Miracle by Maybelline. This colour is so mermaid-y, it's perfect! It glints with shimmers of multiple colours and shades of green, bronze and golds. this colour is super pretty- it wont go unnoticed!

What is your favorite polish for fall? 
Jenny xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Glow Jar?!

Hi everyone! Guess what i found the other day; a glow stick light! I love glow sticks- they just look so pretty!

So, to make the glow stick light, all you need is a glow stick(obvs!) and a clean, dry transparent glass jar. Basically, you snap the glow stick to make sure that it lights up, and then snip the end off. drain the content of the glow stick into the glass jar, screw the lid back on, and shake it. The glowing substance will coat the outside of the jar, leaving you with a totally cute glowing lamp! I recommend using two or three glow sticks to coat a jam jar. If you use more than one, the colour will be more intense. You could even mix the colours to create a completely new colour!

The glow will fade after about 4 hours, but it will probably glow for the duration of one night. It's perfect for Halloween too. Just a word of warning, do not put any water in the jar. It needs to be completely dry as water kills the glow. Also, wear gloves when toughing the glow stick and it's contents; The stuff inside them, however pretty they may be, is not good for your skin!

I hope you glowing jars look pretty!
Jenny xx

Saturday, 13 October 2012

OMG! Halloween Candy Time!

Hey guys, so I never really realised just how much candy is created, or recreated just for Halloween  I mean, I knew about special skull lollipops and stuff like that, but in reality, here are quite a few more Halloween sweets!

I've noticed that, as most of these sweets are American, they are based on, or flavored like Candy Corn.As I have never actually tried candy corn, I wouldn't know what the cookies would taste like,but from what I hear, they would be pretty scrumptious! So, i got this definition for you guys;
What is Candy Corn? It tastes almost like a maple butterscotch, but candy corn is really just sugar, corn syrup, wax and food coloring, with some binding agents thrown in for good measure. Yum!

Doesn't everybody just love Oreos? I know that you can get some great and different flavors  like double-stuffed peanut butter, but for Halloween they have released a Candy Corn flavor   And they have even coloured the center of the biscuits in orange and yellow, just for Halloween!

The next thing which I found was a Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kiss. And, while I have had Hershey's kisses before and really enjoyed them, I detest anything to do with pumpkins, except carving them, so this is really not my cup of tea. However, if you did like pumpkin, this would be really nice- the 'kiss' is a white chocolate center with a pumpkin flavored chocolate coating. Also, they even made the packaging orange; I love it!

Again with the candy-corn! Halloween candy manufacturers are simply obsessed! these white chocolate M&M's are coated in candy-corn flavored (and coloured) hard shells, and don't they look delicious! I can't wait to get some of these!
Screme Egg- What a great Halloween twist to the original Creme Egg- I love the name! Screme Eggs taste exactly like a normal Creme Egg, but the inside is white and green, not white and orange. I tied one last Halloween, but they are so rich  couldn't eat more then one, in one sitting. Not my favourite candy, but they are nice!
The idea of eating the nougat in a MilkyWay absolutely repulses me! I don't even eat Mars bars because it has the same goddamn nougat in it! Yuck! However, the fact that the caramel is the ever traditional and Halloween-y Caramel Apple does interest me. You will just have to let me know what it tastes like, because I'm not eating it!

What's your favorite treat for October?
Jenny xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hair Oils; What's the Verdict?

Hello guys! So, this post is gonna be about a new craze taking over the beauty world; Hair oils. Argon oil, Morrocanoil, TRESemme oil- it doesn't matter what type or brand of oil it is, people jut cant wait to get their hands on the stuff.

First, what's so great about hair oils, anyway? Most oils are infused with fatty acids, omega-3, vitamins and antioxidants that all nourish and protect your hair and scalp, reversing damage and brittleness and leaving your hair super silky and extra soft. All that you need to do is apply a tiny amount of the hair oil onto damp or dry hair, and let it do it's magic. Make sure that you apply most of the amount onto the tips of your hair, as this is the area with the most damage. Furthermore, if you slather on the oil at your roots, you hair is going to look super greasy and disgusting, not sleek and chic.

Just one note of caution before you run out to purchase, the magic of the hair oils is that nearly all of them are derived from nuts and plants that survive in extreme climates. This works great at combating boiling straightening irons and sizzling suns, but if you are allergic to any nuts, PLEASE don't use any hair oil before reading the label thoroughly and deciding if it's safe for you!

However, one bad thing about these oils is that, through excessive use, the oils can start to take the place of the natural water in your hair, which will mess up everything in the hair cuticle. Not good. So, don't use them every minute of everyday!

Here are two options for Hair Oils- a save vs. a splurge;

TRESemme Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused Perfecting Hair Treatment - £6.99

 Morrocanoil Oil Treatment - £24.99

Have fun trying out the trend!
Jenny xx

Morrocanoil Oil Treatment - £24.99

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Beautiful Nature

Isn't the natural world beautiful?

Hi everyone, so recently i have become obsessed with this Facebook Like Page: We Live In A Beautiful World!
They basically post amazing pictures of the natural world- every thing is so beautiful! so, here are a few of my favorite photos of the natural world, inspired by the posts of We Live In A Beautiful World...

I know people say that you don't have to see to believe, but doesn't seeing how beautiful the world is make you believe that it's not all bad?

Have a great week, guys!
Jenny xx