Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Barry M 'Amythest Glitter' Review

Hi guys! So, the other day I purchased a new nail varnish. I know, shocker! But I have so many nail varnishes, I kind said to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore for a while. Anyway, so I was in my town centre, and there is a lot of shops doing the whole '3 for 2' thing right now, so I originally said that I would buy three, and I would really be saving myself money! But then I realised that I didn't really need three more nail polishes, so I just went with my favourite. So, with that ramble over, I guess I should start the review now!

The polish is actually a clear polish, but it is absolutely jam packed full of sparkles. The glitter is in blues, purples, pinks and even gold and silver. All of these colours combined make for a perfect, dazzling  mani. When actually applied, the polish, although clear, gives a very opaque looking coat of glitter. I'd say that one think coat would be enough, but in the picture I am wearing two, which just adds some extra sparkle. 

As we start getting into the very cold months, especially December, I know that it's tempting to wear cosy colours on your nails, like a comforting red or a deep and velvety green. However, may I just remind you that December is practically a party month! There is always an event in December that this polish could accompany you to. Whether at a Christmas party with your friends, or a New Year's Eve night out, I am positive that these nails will catch everyone's eve, even if you do have to flaunt them a bit because some people are a bit too tipsy to look. 
This would even be a great stocking stuffer, or cute little secret Santa gift from you to your girlfriends this Christmas!

The nail polish in question is a Barry M one. And I have an absolute love/hate relationship with this brand. While I love their colours(there are just so many, and they are so bright!), I have found that many of the colours that I own are super gloopy and thick. But, luckily this nail polish is not like that. I mentioned before that one coat was all I needed, and I'm pretty sure that I will be wearing this non-stop all throughout the year!

this polish didn't set me back too much, it cost me £2.99, which is really good value when considering just how much other brands are charging these days. And although Barry M isn't as good as, say, Revlon or Essie, this cute little bottle was just too good to resist. I highly recommend it.

Do you have a favourite glitter polish for the Winter party season?
Jenny xx