Thursday, 15 November 2012

Get The Gossip; Apocalypse Bunker, Glowing Bedrooms, and Brussels Sprout Crisps...

Hi guys! wow- I've had such a stressful week revising for exams! Anyways, here are my favorite finds of this week, enjoy!

Most people absolutely detest Brussels Sprouts, but how many people have actually tried them? Not many, I bet. I actually really like Brussels sprouts, I can't eat to many, but about six or seven in one sitting is perfect. So here is a recipe which I found about how to make these Brussels crisps, which look totally awesome! I wouldn't bother to make them just for a snack, but as a side dish at at dinner party, or even on Christmas  I think that they would be delicious.

This next idea is to create a glow in the dark bedroom! How cool?! You basically get some glow in the dark spray paint canisters and effectively graffiti your own room. I would probably only do it if I was crazy good at street art, otherwise it would look like someone had vandalised my house from the inside. Also, I'm not sure if I've told you this, but I really like astronomy. I like learning about and looking at the stars- they fascinate me. And so, the idea of painting glowing constellations in my room is actually quite appealing!

I know that I have told you about Taylor Swift's new album, but on 22nd October, same as Taylor, Lawson released their first album. It's called Chapman Square, and it's really good- I love their music- also, they're quite fit! My friend even has a signed birthday card from them! Here is my favourite song on their new album, it is called Stolen, have a listen (sorry about the video, I couldn't find one with a picture of them on it);

It's strange to think about just what lengths people will go to to protect themselves. In this case, a company in America is actually manufacturing disaster or 'doomsday' bunkers and selling them at $60,000 a pop. They come equipped with a TV, four beds, a toilet and a mini fridge. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't like to hide out in there on 'doomsday'. Apparently they are fitted 20ft underground! Is it really surprising that no-one has bought one yet?

And lastly, this week I found this hilarious picture of a unicorn alpaca. While it may be cruel(although, I'm pretty sure it's photoshopped), and I hope that i didn't hurt the alpaca, it was just too funny not to show.

Have a great week!
Jenny xx