Sunday, 18 November 2012

How Cute; Mini Wonka Nerds

Hey everyone! So, do you love Wonka Nerds as much as I do? My sister is completely obsessed with these little sweets, and I think they're really tasty!

Nerds are basically small and random shaped bits of sugar crystal which are covered with a candy-coating. Nerds are made in loads of different flavours, and most are sold in a box with two separate compartments for different flavours. But on Halloween, gifted by a friend's air-hostess mum, straight from America, my sister came home with five or six mini boxes of Wonka Nerds.
She brought back two flavours, Lemonade Wild Cherry, and Apple Watermelon, and my favourite is the Lemonade one.
Although the sweets don't taste very strong, or even that much like what they're supposed to be, but they are addictive. I ate one of these mini packets in, like, five minutes- I literally couldn't put them down!

Also- the fact that the packet is mini! How cute is that? Ahh, you know when you just have those moments, and you just say to yourself, this is worth it, even for this little thing? This was that moment. I ate my little packet of Nerds, and smiled to myself about the fact that someone made them in a mini packet!

Have you ever tried Nerds? What's your favourite flavour?
Jenny xx