Sunday, 25 November 2012

Resounding Radiance

Bonjour, mon amis! Ooh- trés chic!

As a natural blonde, my hair type is usually not one for reflecting the light. However, I have a three simple top tips for achieving glossy luscious hair, which all of you girlies (and guys?) will love! Here they are...

1. Have a Haircare Regime, and Stick To It.
A simple Haircare routine is a must in order to achieve silky, glossy hair all year round. Personally, I find washing my hair every other day improves its resistance to greasing, and gives it more life. Washing your hair everyday will make it limp, brittle and lifeless - not what we want! I also use a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. I leave it on for at least an hour every Sunday, and afterwards my hair is silky smooth, radiant and smells great too (like coconut, ahh tropical islands...)!

2. Keep Hydrated
Drinking lots of water can do winders for your skin, an hair as well. The hydration will prevent your hair from getting too many split ends, and becoming dry and brittle.

3. Use The Right Products For You.
Picking the right products for your own hair type is very important in achieving resounding radiant hair. If your hair has been coloured, look for specially designed hair products for your colour. Also, if you hair is drier go for moisturising products, and less greasy products for and oil prone scalp. Another tip I find useful, is thinking about what you want your hair to be styled like, for instance, if you want sexy beach-like waves, find a salt spray, and spritz away. This technique works with almost every hairstyle, just know what you want, use the right products and the perfect hair will follow. At the moment I am particularly in love with the 'Argan Oil' that they sell at Primark. At only £2.50 I seriously doubt whether it is actually Argan Oil, but it makes my hair really sleek and shiny, and it smells great too!

I hope that these tips will help you to achieve you Hair-Heaven! If you have any tips, please share!

Have a fab day,
Jenny xx