Friday, 9 November 2012

My Inspirational Authors List; Who Made The Cut?

Hi guys! In this post, I thought I'd tell you about some of my favourite, and most inspirational authors!

Wow, there are so many, where do I start?!

I think that I'd better start with the most cliché-d, JK Rowling(I swear that she is in everyone's list!). I, as with the rest of the world, absolutely love her books, and it is without hesitation that I include her in this list. I remember reading that she got rejected something like 54 times, correct me if I'm wrong, before the first Harry Potter novel took off, and now look at her! She is just such an inspiration, especially when you look at her situation during the time in which she wrote the first book: broke with a baby writing it in internet cafés.

Next on my list is Veronica Roth, a relatively new author who is big in the dystopian novel scene. She wrote Divergent, one of my all thine favourite books, straight out of her college dorm room when she was supposed to be studying. I mean, I get that it doesn't really send off a good message, the fact that she was writing and not studying, but it is just so inspirational. She literally wrote this masterpiece in her DORMROOM! I can't even get over it. It kind of makes me wonder what I could achieve if I wanted to.

Okay, third; I shouldn't really be putting her on my list as I haven't actually read her book, but oh well. Caitlin Moran is a feminist author having recently released her debut book How To Be A Woman. And while I know that there are plenty of feminist authors, I can't help but feeling a sense of 'you go girl!' when I remember that her book made the bestsellers list. It's on my reading wishlist/pile. God- don't you love FEMINISM?

Last on my list is Meg Cabot. It just didn't feel right, making a list of my favourite authors and NOT including her! I have read all of her books, most of then more than once, and loved them all. She has the best sense of humour, and literally all of the romantic bits in her stories make me say 'awww' out loud, an go an tell my sister all about it. I wish I was as talented as her- so, yep, inspiration.

Here you are- my inspirational authors list at present- I bet by this time next year it will be three times this! Also, I just realised that all of the authors were women; how weird!? I suppose my inner feminism must be showing! Haha- have a great week guys!

Jenny xx