Thursday, 1 November 2012

Foreign Graffiti?! Why I Love It

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a happy Halloween  and I am wishing you all a great November! So, I thought that I would tell you about a little obsession of mine, aside from nail polish and Taylor Swift, I mean.

i LOVE foreign graffiti

I don't know what it is about not knowing what it means, it just looks so free. I don't intend to go around with a spray can and write 'bonjour' on a random wall or anything, and I don't thin that graffiti is OK, but somehow, in a foreign language, it looks amazing and inspiring. I like that you can interpret it in any way that you want- mostly romantic in my mind. But just for you guys, I thought that I would use translate it, just in case you were wondering what it meant. Oddly, most of them are in Spanish, so I don't know what that says about the police system in Spain... Here they are, let me know if you love them too;

"think with your heart"
this is my favorite...

"neither the law nor the system will tell me how to love"

"this side also dreams there"

"going out there to give us kisses"

"the knife as well as the world goes bad"
this one is a bit more sinister than the rest, but I like it anyways...

"I like how you exist"

"deliver me from everything that i latch, laughter"

I think this was written to someone:
"Smykla, baby
every time we meet we grow
find me"

"welcome to my delirium"

¿te gusta?
do you like it?

Jenny xx