Sunday, 4 November 2012

Get the Gossip; Common Birthdays, DIY Fonts, How To Contour

Hi guys! How are you all today? This week I have found some pretty awesome things online which I'd like to share.  Here they are;

So, I've always wondered, on my birthday, how many other people are celebrating their birthday at the same time. Apparently not many. To read this chart, you find your birth date on the side, and the month at the top, and follow it down until you reach the square that corresponds to how many people share your birthday. If your square is darker, then it is very common, but if it light, then your birthday is less common. Mine is a light beige colour, so I guess that not many people share my birthday with me, which is sad.

The next thing that i found was this amazing smoothie guide. Personally, I actually really don't like smoothies. I have a real issue with the fact that most of them have pips of some kind in-uh, hello? It's not smooth! But if i did like them, then this little guide would be a great tool to have at my disposal. It lets you go through each stage of picking out the smoothie ingredients, and gives you some suggestions of what to include. there must be at least a hundred different ways to have a smoothie in this chart, it's so inventive! So, if you do like them, then give this a go- who knows? You might just find your perfect combination!

You guys know how I feel about nail art, or at least you should, I hardly ever shut up about it! This is a really awesome nail art idea uses a piece of scotch tape, cut out into a pretty design(if you have cool patterend scissors, this step will be easy), and creates an elegant looking pattern on the nails. Simply paint your nail the base colour, put the already cut scotch tape on the nail, leaving the part which you want to be coloured and paint on it with a different colour. When you peel the tape off, you will be left with a really nice pattern on your nails! I will definitely be trying this!

contouring someones face is a fancy way of saying 'putting make up on to change the way that the face looks'. Really amazing professional make up artists can contour someones face to give then a smaller nose, or higher cheekbones for example. But we aren't all professional make up artists. this little diagram which i cam across the other day, directs you on where to put what product to make your face look at it's best! the white lines and circles represent face highlighter, while the pink obviously represent blusher and the brown, bronzer. Happy contouring!

If you have an iPad, then you can get this amazing app which lets you create your own fonts, from your handwriting. the app is called iFontmaker(I know, original!), and it lets you go through the alphabet, drawing your own fonts for all of the letters. You can then share the fonts, and if you have a computer or laptop as well as a tablet, then you can install the fonts onto Microsoft, so you can use it for making documents a little more personal! It looks really awesome, I will have to get this!

I hope you liked reading about my favourite finds of the week, have a nice weekend!
Jenny xx