Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lipstick Review; Kate Moss Rimmel 107

Hi guys! So, the other day I popped into my local Boots and picked up one of the uber-hyped Kate Moss lipsticks in the matte collection.

I have wanted one of these for a while, ever since the line was launched, really, but somehow I never actually got round to buying one. But now I have, I can finally say that they do indeed live up to my expectations. 

I got the deep berry colour, shade 107 to be exact, as really wanted to get a new deep red lipstick for Winter. I think that dark lips look really nice with simple but stunningly long black lashes, and wind flushed cheeks.

So, onto the actual review... The consistency of this lipstick was nice. It wasn't ah-mazing, but I liked it. It could have been a bit more moisturising, but I suppose that that would have detracted from the matte texture. the actual matte texture was really good. On my lips, the lipstick looked matte and really on trend, which I liked. Also, it stayed matte for ages afterwards. I would say that this lipstick, depending on what I'm doing, like eating or drinking or talking, lasted for maybe 4-6 hours. Which is amazing for such a cheap price! Even when i removed it with waterproof eye-makeup remover, my lips were left with a soft pink stain. 

Just three ore things, and then I promise I'm done. first- I love the packaging The bright red of this lipstick tube really stands out among my other, mostly black, lipsticks, and It means that it is really easy to find, and looks bright and happy too. Second, and probably the most obvious thing, the colour. I touched on this before, but the dark lip for fall and winter is so 'in' it's unbelievable. I really think that while berry colours suit nearly every skin tone, it looks really spectacular on fair skinned people, as the colours are so contrasted. And lastly, the price. A lot of shops are doing the whole 3 for 2 thing this Christmas, just like every year, and I actually did get three things when I bought this lipstick. I got a Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Balm in the shade Lipstick, and a Maybelline colour Tattoo in the shade Pink Gold, and the colour tattoo, since it was the cheapest item, was free. The actual price of the lipstick is £5.49, but I got mine from Boots, and it may be cheaper, or more expensive in a different store. 

So, that is it for my review of the Kate Moss for Rimmel London matte ipstick. But I suppose that there is still one question remaining. Would I repurchase? and I would say yes, definitely. I really like how this product applies, and looks. I would especially buy this because I lie all of the other colours so much. I really like the vibrant red and the pale pink(my favourite colour to wear on my lips), and for such a small price for such a good quality of lipstick, I can totally see myself buying up this whole collection(but I won't let myself!).

Do you like these lipsticks? Let me know what you think
Jenny xx