Sunday, 11 November 2012

Beauty Do-It-Yourself

I love DIY! I don't mean the really manual/slave labour stuff, like building a bed from a tree that used to be in your garden. No. I mean cute DIY which help you to get organized  or make adorably Christmas presents for people- that DIY. Here are four really cool Beauty themed DIY's which I will totally be trying out!

Number one- painting bobby pins with nail polish! I did this when I was younger, but had not really considered doing this at my age now, as I thought it would be childish. But, I did this the other day with some spare bobby pins, and as I have nicer nail polish now(when compared to the oh so glamourous uber-gloopy mega glitter stuff that I had aged 8),  I think that it looked quite nice. I would totally recommend  this if you want a simple and fun way to glam up a boring hairstyle, especially for school!

I really love nail art, but the tools can be so expensive. I came across this DIY dotting tool, which you can use to dot on nail art and designs such as flowers. To make it, really simply, all you are doing is shoving a sewing pin into the rubber at the end of pencil. This will literally take you five seconds, but will be so useful! 

The next project is a way to create cute storage space for your nail polish. You just get an old candle jar, quite a big one if you are going to be putting a lot of polishes in it, and cut the candle out. Clean the jar with some strong bleach, and arrange you varnishes accordingly. I like the idea of displaying my favourite polishes of the season, be it Autumn or Spring, as it might help inspire me and my outfit picks for that season. Plus, it will look pretty!

I always have trouble finding ways to store my nail polish, but still being able to see my colours at the same time. I came across this DIY organisational tip for nail polish, which is basically painting the colour on a small square of label, and sticking it to the top of the bottle. This means that it is really easy for you you to store your nail polishes in a box to save space, but be able to look at what coours you have.

OMG, I just realised that three out of the four do-it-yourself things are nail related! I must love nail art more than I thought!
Jenny xx