Monday, 29 October 2012

Not Very Scary; Halloween Books

Hi guys- you probably don't know this, but when it comes to horror films or anything similar, I am a total wimp. I refuse to watch anything where crazy stuff goes down. I won't even watch that film Stardust because the witch in it scares me! So, you're probably thinking, apart from 'what a weirdo', how can Jenny recommend books for Halloween? Well, here are five very mildly spooky books- by my standards anyway- which I think you'll enjoy this Halloween.

Number one isn't even a book; it's a series. The Mediator series, to be exact. I don't think that there is one Meg Cabot book that I didn't like, and the Mediator series is no exception. It's about a girl who can speak to ghosts; she needs to help them pass on to proper death, so she tries to fix their problems so that they will leave her alone. However, she falls for one of the ghosts- dilemma! It's such a good, funny and really cute series. And the ghosts mean that it sort of belongs on this list!

2. Harry Potter. No question- not scary, but spooky, definitely. I love these books, and even though you nay have watched all of the movies ten times(my oldest sisters excuse), the books are a million times better!

Three- I know this one doesn't sound very Halloween-y, but To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is really quite spooky. What with the mystery toys appearing in Scout and Jem's tree, and phantom neighbour Boo Radley- this book definitely has a few scary moments!

NĂºmero 4: The Maze Runner series. This series had me on edge the entire time, and quite frankly I was scared. The plot includes people getting trapped inside a maze and some of them getting killed by scary machine animals. Although, I actually enjoyed the series very much.

No. Five, sadly the last in the list, is A cheeky entry. Delirium by Lauren Oliver- I couldn't decide whether to put this on her or not, but then I just thought, what the hell? I think that this'd book is scary because it let's us know what earth could be like in the not too distant future, if we think that love is a disease. It's scary because it's so realistic; it would be so weird if we thought that!

I have realised that nearly every book on this list is in fact a series; why do my plans always fail? Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Jenny xx