Monday, 1 October 2012

Oh, Autumnal Joy

Hey everyone! Normally people whine and get depressed about the summer being over during September and October but, my glass being half-full and all, I want to be the kind of person that embraces the new season, not someone who gets sad that their tanning time is over.

So, i thought that today was the perfect day to write about what I love about the fall.

I love that nature decides to change all of the leaves into a perfect and ever unique pigmented shade, and the crispness and crunch of them under your big autumn boots, with your fluffy socks, of course.

I love the feeling of pulling on a baggy jumper and snuggling down to read a good book, or watch your favorite movie. I Like wearing cardigans under and over anything and everything- god knows i have too many!- sweatpants are a favorite, but slippers are the best. I love sinking my feet into my fur-lined (fake, obvs) stripy slippers, and thights with literally everything! It's just so comforting!

Hallowe'en is another favorite for fall, being to old to Trick or Treat without getting weird looks, I simply enjoy giving out candy and sweets to little children who knock at my door. I do know quite a few people who shut off their lights and close the curtains until Hallowe'en night is over, but it just isn't right; Hallowe'en is so much fun!

There are so many more things which I enjoy about Autumn but this last one is probably my favorite: candles. My mum says that i'm a pyromaniac, but i just consider it a self-confessed candle addiction that starts with 'they smell sooooo good', all the way to 'but the flame is so pretty'. a recent candle which I've been burning is a Hazelnut Creme on from Walmart last year- mmm, it smells delicious.

Whats your favorite thing about Autumn? Let me know...
Have a great October!
Jenny xxx