Saturday, 13 October 2012

OMG! Halloween Candy Time!

Hey guys, so I never really realised just how much candy is created, or recreated just for Halloween  I mean, I knew about special skull lollipops and stuff like that, but in reality, here are quite a few more Halloween sweets!

I've noticed that, as most of these sweets are American, they are based on, or flavored like Candy Corn.As I have never actually tried candy corn, I wouldn't know what the cookies would taste like,but from what I hear, they would be pretty scrumptious! So, i got this definition for you guys;
What is Candy Corn? It tastes almost like a maple butterscotch, but candy corn is really just sugar, corn syrup, wax and food coloring, with some binding agents thrown in for good measure. Yum!

Doesn't everybody just love Oreos? I know that you can get some great and different flavors  like double-stuffed peanut butter, but for Halloween they have released a Candy Corn flavor   And they have even coloured the center of the biscuits in orange and yellow, just for Halloween!

The next thing which I found was a Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kiss. And, while I have had Hershey's kisses before and really enjoyed them, I detest anything to do with pumpkins, except carving them, so this is really not my cup of tea. However, if you did like pumpkin, this would be really nice- the 'kiss' is a white chocolate center with a pumpkin flavored chocolate coating. Also, they even made the packaging orange; I love it!

Again with the candy-corn! Halloween candy manufacturers are simply obsessed! these white chocolate M&M's are coated in candy-corn flavored (and coloured) hard shells, and don't they look delicious! I can't wait to get some of these!
Screme Egg- What a great Halloween twist to the original Creme Egg- I love the name! Screme Eggs taste exactly like a normal Creme Egg, but the inside is white and green, not white and orange. I tied one last Halloween, but they are so rich  couldn't eat more then one, in one sitting. Not my favourite candy, but they are nice!
The idea of eating the nougat in a MilkyWay absolutely repulses me! I don't even eat Mars bars because it has the same goddamn nougat in it! Yuck! However, the fact that the caramel is the ever traditional and Halloween-y Caramel Apple does interest me. You will just have to let me know what it tastes like, because I'm not eating it!

What's your favorite treat for October?
Jenny xx