Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hallowe'en Nails!

Hey guys! So today I wanted to show you how to create two different looks for Halloween  to create the looks I used three nail polish colours(not including base coat); Revlon, Valentine; Barry M, Black;George(Asda), Matte clear coat.

I tested these looks on my nail wheels as my real nails have really been chipping and breaking like crazy over the past week. Also, my cuticles suck. Hence the nail wheel- I got mine at Amazon.

So, the first thing which I did was paint a clear coat onto the nail, followed by the black Barry M polish.

To make this look a bit more Halloween-y, I added a matte top coat onto the black, creating a gothic matte black nail(sorry about the photo quality- my camera wouldn't focus!)

Next, I dropped and spread about some of the Revlon Valentine polish at the tip of my nail. This creates the effect of dripping blood, which is super scar and Halloween y! If you wanted to be super daring, you could try a pale shade on your nails, or even white. This way the blood-red would be much more in focus, and you would probably get a bigger reaction.
(Sorry about the mess on my table!)
Here is the finished result; a matte black, blood dripping Halloween nail look!

If you want to be a bit more sophisticated or reserved this Halloween  you could try a matte finish blood-red french manicure! Simply paint a white base coat, and make it matte. Then paint the tips in the blood red colour of your choice! this would look really awesome if you had glow in the dark tips!

I hope you get lots of compliments if you try these out! 
Jenny xx