Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Red; Get Taylor Swift's Look

Hi everyone! So, as you probably all already know, i am a massive self-confessed Taylor Swift fan, and what better way to celebrate the release of her new album, Red, on the 22nd of October, than a make-up tutorial?

Taylor was featured on the American issue of Glamour magazine, which is out October 9th, but I came across this cover picture the other day, and thought that she looked gorgeous. Here is the cover;

  • Taylor is pictured wearing a Burberry sequined vest top with a belt and skirt by Dior, but if you don't have these items(who would?), you can recreate her look by layering a long sparkly vest top over a netted red maxi skirt. Cinch you waist with a red belt to finish off the look!

  • To get her manicure, I suggest using a rich and vibrant red varnish. Something like OPI's The Thrill of Brazil would work perfectly.

  • To recreate Taylor's  gorgeous hair, use a wide barrel curling tong to curl large sections of your hair. Separate out the curls a bit, and then back-brush you hair by the roots to give volume. Clip a fringe section on either side of our face back, and cover the clips with hair. Use your fingertips to rough it up a bit, and then secure with a quick spritz of hair spray.

  • To look as pretty as Taylor Swift(is it even possible?), I suggest using a great foundation which matches you skin tone perfectly. By choosing your favorite foundation in the correct tone, you can achieve a smooth and flawless base for the rest of your make-up.

  • Use a bright red lip liner a lipstick to recreate Taylor's iconic lip look. MAC's new Marilyn Monroe collection lipstick in shade 'Scarlet Ibis' is a perfect match with its bright colour and slight orange undertones. I suggest putting a small amount of clear gloss on the middle of your lower lip to make your lips look fuller, like Taylor's. Using 'Redd' lip pencil from MAC as a lip liner would work well.

  • To duplicate Taylor's slightly flushed cheeks, I recommend using the by. Don't use any highlight o your cheeks, as this would ruin the matte finish of her make-up, but do apply a small amount of face brightening primer on to your cheeks and cheekbones after before your foundation to see a slight radiance in your face; Benefit's 'That Gal' face brightening primer is truly brilliant. I recommend using a dull rose blush to achieve Taylor's cheek look. Something like one layer of  NARS's cream blush(which dries into a powder- awesome, right?) in 'Penny Lane' would give you her look.

  • To imitate her eye make up I suggest using the Shadow Bon Bons palette from the Too Faced Christmas collection, 2012. Start by covering the eyelid in Vanilla, from the lash-line to the eyebrows. Next, and this is all about layering, take a small amount of Coffee Bean on a eyeshadow brush and apply it in small circular motions in the crease of your eyelid, creating a winged effect when you look in the mirror. Top this with a layer of Marzipan lower down on the eyelid, from the outer-crease right to the other side, by your tear duct. After this add quite a few strokes of Candy rose over where you applied Coffee Bean, and finish with a thin layer of Hot Cocoa.

  • Finally, Finishing off her look, curl your eyelashes, and apply 3 coats of brown or black mascara(I think that brown mascara would work really nicely with the eyelid colours) on your upper and lower lashes. Make sure the outer lashes thicker coated, achieving a very winged look.

And there you have it! Beauty perfection to match Taylor Swift's! I hope you enjoyed this style of blog post, let me know if you think I should do more posts like this.

The 2nd of October saw the single release of Red, a song off her forthcoming album. Here it is for you to enjoy, and perhaps listen to when your recreating her cover look? check it out, I love it!

Have a great week!
Jenny xx