Tuesday, 2 October 2012

An Apple A Day...

Hey guys, as the Winter months approach (I can't even pretend that its summer anymore. I was so cold last night that i had to wear socks in bed; I haven't had to do that in, like 8 months!), one thing which I appreciate more than ever is apples. I love apples, but only he crunchy kind, and in Winter, when they're not growing, i really begin to miss them. So, here are a few ideas of what to do with your apples this Winter (ooh, that sounded like a euphemism-it wasn't!);

The first thing I found was this really yummy looking apple stack with chocolate spread and peanut butter! All you do is slice the apples into rings and remove the core Place the first apple slice on a plate and top with chocolate or chocolate hazelnut spread. Follow this with a second layer of apple and peanut butter this time and top with he last layer of apple. You can spinkle some granola, chocolate chips or coconut on the top, and just eat it like a sandwich.

I saw this picture the other day, but with no recipe. I guess you would just hollow out the apple and pour apple cider or apple juice in it. This would be really nice with hot apple cider, but you would have to drink it fast otherwise the apple would go soggy and warm.

Next thing i found was this super interesting article about how apple cider vinegar is a great treatment for you hair. It says that apple cider vinegar (which I class as apples, just for he purpose of this blog post!), can be used as a rinse after shampooing (funny word!) to tighten the hair cuticle and help them to lay flatter, improving shine. Apple cider vinegar also boosts conditioner efficiency, which basically means that the vinegar will help to 'lock' in your conditioner. Also, the apple cider vinegar is great at removing shampoo residue, letting your natural heir shine through!

And, lastly, here is another recipe, and it looks delicious! An apple cider triple layer cake, perfect for Autumn and Winter afternoons, or served warm as dessert with ice-cream. The cake is so easy to make as well, which is always nice!

I hope that your autumn days are spent well looked after with cake and shiny hair! Let me know if the Cider Vinegar hair tricks work well.
Jenny xx