Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pretty Pumpkins!

Wow, I have such difficulty spelling the word pumpkin! I know hoe to spell it, but when typing, my brain wants to forget the 'p'- it's so weird! Anyway- I found some awesome ways that people have decorated their pumpkins for this year, and since Halloween is coming up, I'd thought I would provide you with some inspiration, with the hope of seeing some incredible pumpkin displays this year.

You could paint your pumpkins this year for sophisticated Halloween style!

OMG- It's a Hippie Bus- what more can I say?

 This is such a cool idea- you basically melt wax crayons onto pumpkins. It's inventive and amazing looking, and it also rids you of all of the broken loose ends of wax crayon which are too short to use.

I think that this is so funny! A scary pumpkin eating what looks like a carved orange pepper!

For a bit of girly glamour this Halloween,  why not cover your pumpkin in sequins?!

Spray paint your pumpkin with glow in the dark paint, covering eye and mouth patterns in duct tape. when you leave it on your porch you won't even have to spend money on candles!

Don't we all just love glitter? I know I do

Do you have any inventive pumpkin ideas for this year?
Jenny xx