Sunday, 14 October 2012

Glow Jar?!

Hi everyone! Guess what i found the other day; a glow stick light! I love glow sticks- they just look so pretty!

So, to make the glow stick light, all you need is a glow stick(obvs!) and a clean, dry transparent glass jar. Basically, you snap the glow stick to make sure that it lights up, and then snip the end off. drain the content of the glow stick into the glass jar, screw the lid back on, and shake it. The glowing substance will coat the outside of the jar, leaving you with a totally cute glowing lamp! I recommend using two or three glow sticks to coat a jam jar. If you use more than one, the colour will be more intense. You could even mix the colours to create a completely new colour!

The glow will fade after about 4 hours, but it will probably glow for the duration of one night. It's perfect for Halloween too. Just a word of warning, do not put any water in the jar. It needs to be completely dry as water kills the glow. Also, wear gloves when toughing the glow stick and it's contents; The stuff inside them, however pretty they may be, is not good for your skin!

I hope you glowing jars look pretty!
Jenny xx