Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thinking Time

Hey guys, had a good day? Lovely.

Just a quick post today, regarding your 'Thinking time'. Do you have a thinking time? I think that ideas and thoughts often come to me while I'm in the shower, or right before I go to sleep.

I guess the shower one is because I have free time to not concentrate on anything specific, so ideas for blogs, and to do lists for example, just pop into my head. The same thing happens right before I go to sleep, while I'm all tucked up cosy in my bed. That is why I have a little post-it note pad and pen on my bedside table; they're great for jotting down reminders and thoughts before forgetting them during the night. Kind of like a diary, but more goal orientated. I never could write diaries- I always got too bored, my life is really not that interesting.

Anyway, do you have a thinking time, or is that just weird me...? Oooh, maybe you have a thinking space too? - share all with me in the comments.

Jenny xx