Saturday, 27 October 2012

Get The Gossip; Halloween Themed DIY!

Hi you guys! This week's get the gossip is Halloween themed, as you could probably tell from the title. Here are my favorite internet finds from this week about Halloween, and they're all DIY! Have fun making these;

The first thing which I found was this Super cool looking glow-in-the-dark nail tutorial! It involves painting your nails black, and then painting on little ghosts in white, and made them glow by using the glow-in-the-dark polish: OPI's Zom-Body To Love, from their Haloween collection last year, as a topcoat. I love the effect, and I really want some glowing polish!

I love this almost ca-eye looking eye look! Even though it's not specifically Halloween, I think that it would look really effective with a dark vampy red lip; What? It's one night a year!

And another beauty tutorial! Well, it's OK if they're good! Haha
Anyway, This cat-eye nail tutorial is really awesome- it would add a pop of colour onto an 'all-black-cat' type outfit for Halloween parties. You could experiment with different coloured eyes, or even wear this look with the cat-eye shadow tutorial above, for a more full on effect! 

This pumpkin-free pumpkin autumn decoration is adorable! I love that it looks rustic yet preppy at the same time. To make it, all you have to do is cut a pumpkin shape from an old book- the thicker the better, and dip it in weak orange dye to colour it. Simply glue a bit of branch at the top as a stalk, and glue the front and back pages together, and you will have a great looking pumpkin in no time!

Don't these bright orange and black witch's hat cupcakes look great! I bet my attempt would fail so bad! Oh well, It could be the 'trick' of Halloween!

And last, but by no means least, this glitter slime monster tutorial looks so fun! You basically make a slime with glitter glue, water and Borax. you then decorate some cool looking jars, and 'make' you monsters! I can' wait to try and make one!

What are you going to try this Halloween?
Jenny xx