Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lip-scrub Love

Hey guys, how has your week been so far? Great, I hope!

Today I am going to share with you how I make my very own lip-scrub with simple, store-cupboard items. If your lips are getting dry in the hot spring air, or if they are even still a little cracked from winter then a lip-scrub is the way to go. A lip-scrub is basically just an exfoliating scrub which sloughs off any dead and flaky skin from your lips. After you've made your scrub simply rub a bit on your lips in small circular motions with your fingers, and rinse with warm water to get off the excess and the waste products.

To make my lip-scrub I like to use;
Caster sugar for a sift and gentle scrub, or granulated sugar for a more rough scrub (I prefer the granulated sugar because I find that it works better at removing dead skin).
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).
Olive Oil (you can also use almond, coconut or sunflower oil).
Honey (optional).
A spoon to mix.
A small pot to store the lip-scrub.

To make my lip-scrub I mix together two parts sugar for every one part oil. I always add in a teaspoon of Vaseline to make the scrub moisturising, and a teaspoon of honey to make it taste nice (hey, it's already on your lips!). Normally I make the lip-scrub in a small plastic bowl, use some of it, and save the rest in a small tub. The lip-scrub doesn't ever really go rancid, however if left for a while it will get dry, so be sure to add some more olive oil.

If you have any other methods or different ingredients for making lip-scrubs be sure to leave a comment, I hope you like your soft lips!

Jenny xx