Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kissed in the Rain

I have probably mentioned this before, but haven't we all just wanted to be kissed in the rain?

The idea, most likely a fantasy created from an eternity listening to romantic Taylor Swift songs, or reading romance novels like they were going out of fashion, is a great one. It is always my favourite part in movies when someone gets kissed in the rain by the one they love(but not in a creepy way)! As a hopeless romantic, I really wish that someday it will be me with my prince charming...

The whole concept just appeals to me so much. It's magical. Ahh, my heart is to romantic for my era - does anyone even go on dates anymore? I truly believe that to be 'going out with someone' you have to have one on at least one date. Does this plus the rain thing make me an eternal optimist in a lazy society, or a hopeless romantic wanting a happy ending?

Have you ever wanted to be kissed in the rain?