Monday, 14 May 2012


Hello my chums, and thanks for joining! Just a standard greeting from my much admired native countrywoman Miranda Hart.

Miranda Hart is just one of those things likened to Marmite. You either live her or hate her; I adore her, and her hit BBC television show, aptly named Miranda. I enjoy laughing at her jovial wrong-doings and clumsy ways. Some people however, my mum for instance, purely watch to catch a glimpse of Gary (Tom Ellis), Miranda's on-off love interest-we all know she likes him!

In the show, Miranda Hart's character, Miranda (original!), is a thirty-something joke shop owner trying to reorganise her life. I really do love the immature humour, the awkward situations and Miranda's hilarious friends.

I am I total anticipation of a third series, if in fact there is one(I really hope there is). British comedy at it's best!

Jenny xx