Monday, 14 May 2012

Summer Trend; Hats

Hey everyone! Do you wanna know what trend I have been loving in this spring summer season? Well, I going to tell you anyway... It's hats!

I know, not very original, but cool nonetheless. I don't mean the kind of baseball caps that your mum makes you wear to avoid sunburn, or the weird, Michael Jackson trilby revival. I am talking about the good old floppy wide brimmed beach hat!

I absolutely adore them, for reason unbeknown to me. As someone who is not usually attracted to hats, I seem to find my self giving them extra thought these days after being complimented on my 'suitable hat face'. Apparently I can wear hats, and look good! Also as someone who listens to their peers, especially their compliments (ahem), I am really embracing hats this season.

I have my eye on a few cotton wide brim hats at the moment, including an adorable black and floral one from Primark (what? It's cheap and fashionable!), and a cute reversible tropical patterned one that I noticed in the H&M catalogue.

I will definitely be wearing more hats on the summer seasons to come. They're fashionable, cute and protect your eyes from the sun, avoiding the squint-eye wrinkles! Totally multipurpose and perfect.

Do you like to wear wide brim hats in summer?

Jenny xx