Sunday, 29 April 2012

All Set for The Summer

Despite what the title may suggest, this post is actually about the band The Summer Set, not about whether you have bought your bikini and booked your holiday to Crete.

According to the always reliable Wikipedia, "The Summer Set are a pop-punk band from Scottsdale, Arizona." I first discovered the band in about July last year, but listening to a song of theirs when my iPod shuffled, I remembered why I liked them so much.

All of their songs put me in a really happy mood. Even though some of the themes aren't to cheery, the tunes are really catchy and bubbly, if you get what I mean. My favourite song happens to be by them also. It is called Someone Like You, from their second album Everything's Fine, and in my opinion is much better than Adele's Someone Like You.

If you do decide to do at least one quick YouTube search, search for that song, because it's their best one, if you ask me. Some people may not like their nasel-ish voices, or their definite 'pop-y' pop songs, but I can't get enough. The Summer Set are absolutely going on my summer soundtrack!

Jenny xx