Monday, 28 May 2012

What's in my Summer Bag?

Hey guys! How is you summer going so far?

It is really hot and sunny where I live at the moment, and the fact that it will be summer in about 1 week (the start of June) is getting obvious. I have been wearing dresses without tights, an putting on my room fan when I'm at home; I has really been hot! Anyway today I thought I would show you what is in my bag for summer this year...

Okay, so first is the bag. It isn't a bag a such, but more of a basket. It is super cute though! The bag is from Primark(I know, I'm a cheapskate) and it is basically like a wicker briefcase with a long brown strap. It really does look nicer than in person than my description.

Next comes a few essentials, my phone, a hairband, some chewing gum (spearmint, but I'm not fussy) and my sunglasses (tortoiseshell and rectangular). Very basic, but necessary items.

Moving swiftly on, I also have my purse. Kind of my pride and joy, I love my purse a lot. It is a leather Jack Wills wallet-type-thing embossed with their logo. The inside is cute too, it's lined with their signature navy and baby pink stripes.

An essential for summer which I often forget, is sunscreen. I try to have a small bottle of SPF 15 (it doesn't get THAT hot!) with me in my summer bag.

I also like to have a few beauty items in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day. Right now, I am using NYC lip-stain pen in Persistent Pink and Benefit Bag Gal Plum mascara with some Vaseline as my weekend-ly routine. However, I always do my makeup before I go out.

And lastly, I depends on where I am going, but I usually carry a summer scarf with me in my bag. I got a very nice, floaty, pastel scarf recently, and I am very excited to take that out with me!

What is in your bag for summer?

Jenny xx