Thursday, 10 May 2012

Simple Saving

As an unemployed (but not for long; I start work next week!) student, money is always pretty tight. I can pretty much guarantee that this is a problem for many others too, or maybe you just want to stop wasting money? Well, I have several top tips and clever ideas for saving money that include clothing, home and food tips. Here they are, but in no specific order;

1. Get wise to supermarket tricks. The more expensive items are always at eye level, so look around for cheaper alternatives.

2. Instead of expensive night cream, use Vaseline on dry areas- it's inexpensive and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.

3. Using colourful children's comics and glossy magazines as wrapping paper can save you a small fortune.

4. Don't use cotton wool or tissues to remove tour make up, use muslin cloth. It is washable and can be reused.

5. For bargains, buy out of season, such as lawnmowers in December and boilers in June.

6. Don't buy expensive branded items such as toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner in the supermarket. Root around your local pound shops, and you'll be quids in.

7. Go shopping with friends and buy what you need in bulk, it is often cheaper this way.

I hope these tips help to save you a few pounds! Let me know how much you save in the comments!

Jenny xx