Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Weekend Manicure; Moody Mink Look & Review

So the other day I picked up a new nail varnish- kind of a spur of the moment thing, because I really don't need to be buying anymore nail varnish, but oh well. And to justify my unnecessary spending, I thought that I would write a post for you guys about it.

Please excuse the state of my nails in these photographs- they have recently started breaking really badly, and I just can't seem to leave them alone- any tips?

The nail varnish that I 'splurged' on was, in fact, carrying a mere £1 price tag. It is by MUA, a Superdrug own brand make up line that sells dirt cheap and remarkably good products. I bought the shade Moody Mink. It is a beautiful colour, but so hard to describe. I would say that it was a neutral taupe-y mauve, but that sounds disgusting! It looks really nice on the nails; it stands out, but at the same time, is neutral. I would class this as the perfect colour if you we're going to work or school, and bright colours are looked down upon. However, you could probably dress up this colour with a little glitter topcoat- I think a gold glitter would work really nicely.

For my manicure I simply painted two coats of Moody Mink, and had my ring finger as an accent nail. Having an accent nail is a really easy way to jazz up a plain manicure, and can look great with similar colours or contrasting ones! For the accent nail I used a Claire's Accessories nail polish.

This look is so budget, but still manages to look sophisticated and glamourous!

What do you think?

 MUA Moody Mink, Claire's Accessories Polish

Have a nice weekend!
Jenny xx