Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentines Decor

Even though Valentines day is only one day in the year, I always think that valentines decor looks cute all year round. Who doesn't love a little hearts and romance scattered around their home all the time?

Make this cute canvas with some paint, masking tape(to keep the paint in a straight line), and some red buttons. 

This is my favourite DIY of the lot; coil some wire into the word 'love', and wrap with pink or red string. Super cute!

Print out this cute picture and frame it- so shabby chic and romantic.

Make this adorably garland from old canvas shopping bags cut into triangles. Print with hearts, and string them into bunting. 

Not exactly home decor, but it's a pretty cute idea; bend paper clips into hearts to jazz up work. I'm pretty sure that these would be more sturdy on files anyway.

Make a heart out of wire, and wrap pink string around it, like a dream-catcher. Hang wherever you like!

Coat the inside of a mason jar with Valentine's coloured paint, and use it as a flower vase, or in my case, to store makeup brushes!

Do you like Valentines decor?
Jennifer xx