Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

Rimmel Apocalips, Top:Stellar, Bottom:Celestial

The plenty raved about Rimmel Apocalips landed in my Boots basket a few weeks ago(who put them there?) and I have been loving trying them out. The colours are very bright, but I think that's a good thing-so many high street beauty brands are crap at pigmenting their products. The range contains numerous colours for all skin tones and preferences, and the packaging is pretty cool. The lid looks a bit like a black ice-berg! although, they did steal Illamasqua's  Apocalips teal lipstick with the name, and I can't say I like that very much.

The shades I picked up were: 501 Stellar, and 101 Celestial. Stellar is a bright, brighter than a fire engine red, but oddly enough it looked quite pink in the tube. On the lips it is a true red, and really stands out on the face. Celestial is a dusky rose colour, perfect for many skin tones, and all seasons. This colour is my favourite of the collection(I also liked Nova, but I really didn't need another bright barbie pink).

The packaging includes a little suction near the top(where you pull the wand from). This means that there is barely any product on the wand, as it is all concentrated on the doe-foot. This is great as the top of the lip gloss doesn't get all gross and dirty.

The doe-foot applicator allows for full coverage on the lips with minimal effort. I have really been loving this applicator, and the actual plastic wand bit is quite bendy, so it is even easier to work the product into the lips.

 L-R: Stellar, Celestial

 Swatches in daylight/sunset.

 Swatches from after I removed the lip lacquer with a makeup remover that removes waterproof mascara.

Apocalips in Celestial

Overall, I really like these lipsticks. My only vice being that they transfer like crazy. I was expecting more of a glossy stain, but true to the branding, this product really is a lipgloss, and a tranfer-prone lipgloss in such bright colours will surely not end well. Apart from that, I would definitely like to purchase more from this collection, and I think that these products were of a great quality.

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers?
Jennifer xx