Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hair Routine; Styling Appliances

I rarely use anything other than my GHD's and my Andrew Barton hairdryer to style my hair(except products). I have had my GHD's for about 5-6 years now, and they are just as good as they were when new. They heat up in 10-15 seconds, and get truly hot(not medium hot like most straighteners). I own the original Gold IV Styler, and I find that it is the perfect size for straightening large amounts of hair, or small baby hairs. I also like to use the straighteners for curling my hair. Being the most expensive item in my 'beauty collection', I can see why this would be a no-go purchase for some people, but I literally could not see me styling my hair without them.

My hairdryer is essential to my styling routine, and even though I do not use it everyday, my Andrew Barton hairdryer is the best one that I have tried. This is actually my second hairdryer of this model as the first one broke(but after a year and a half), and it shows how much I love it as I purchased this exact one again . My mum even has the same one! I like that there are multiple setting on this hairdryer; heat settings, strength of blowing settings, and a cool setting. It also came with a diffuser and nozzle attachments  There are many options for this hairdryer, and it is easy to achieve the look that I want.

What electricals do your use to style your hair?
Jennifer xx