Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nail Polish That I Love/Hate

Hey guys! I hope you're okay?

Today I want to share with you my favourite nail polishes, and some that I wish I had never bought. First, my favourite! My all time favourite brand to by nail varnish from is NYC (New York Colour). There nail polish is very inexpensive, ranging from 1.99 to 2.49, but the cheap price doesn't deny great choice of colours or quality of the product. However, while the quality and staying power isn't the best when compared with other, more proffessional brands, my nail polish always stays on at least three days, and they colour is shiny and smooth.

The choice of colours is fantastic, and I love they fact that most of the nail polishes are named after streets in New York. Personally, I have about six or seven NYC nail varnishes, and my favourite has to be Timeless Tangerine. This vibrant tangerine orange colour applies smoothly and always looks super glossy. I do think that they have a tendency to peel off, though maybe that's just because I pick at them. Anyway, I always finish off my nails with NYCs clear top/base coat, Grand Central Station. This literally dries in under one minute, and it leaves nails looking even more shiny than before.

Now, onto one of my least favourite nail polishes. About two years ago, at the start of my nail polish obsession (I literally have so many!), Barry M came into view. The brand has been around since the late sixties, but I believed that I had stick a gold mine when I started to buy some of their polishes. They look nice enough in the bottle, and I must admit, some of them work brilliantly, but not all. I have one colour, a pale pink called Strawberry Ice Cream, which is so frustrating to apply that I have just given up using it. The consistency is so thick and gloopy, and it takes like two hours to dry, which is really annoying.

Although I have been patient, shaken the bottle for a considerable amount of time beforehand, and even thinned it a bit with nail varnish thinner, but nothing worked. It's still as bad as ever, which is a real disappointment. Now I use the NYC Oh SoHo Sweet if I want to wear a baby pink.

These are only my opinions, if you feel differently please voice your opinion in the comments. Additionally, if you have any nail polishes that you think I should try out, or try to avoid, let me know.

Happy painting!
Jenny xx