Monday, 2 April 2012

The Coveted Shoes

Hello everyone! Recently while I was just surfing the interweb(oh yeah, I'm cool), I came across a pair of absolutely gorgeous shoes! Typically I'm not really one to go for shoes. I like them and everything, but I'd much rather have a nice bag or a good book, but these shoes are amazing!

The shoes(pictured) are just plain black suedey platform heels, but the simplicity is perfect. I think that these would look great with pretty much anything- a pretty dress and jacket, or spray-on skinnies and a blouse. Although I don't actually know where these shoes are from, I'm sure a similar shoe can be purchased from any major fashion store like H&M, Office, or even Primark(UK only). I cannot wait to root around my local shops to find a replica pair! Now, all I have to work on is how to actually walk in them...

Do you have a 'favourite shoe'? And, any tips for walking in mega high heels?

Have a great week, speak to you soon.
Jenny xx