Saturday, 14 April 2012

Out of Ideas?

Hey everyone !

On Sunday and Monday, as part of my Duke Of Edinborough challenge. Me and my fellow D of E-rs had approximately 24 kilometres, in 10 hours to walk, and to fill. We could have been very bored, but luckily we managed to find ways of entertaining ourselves. Here are a few ways to keep the boredom at bay for a few, or maybe twelve hours, if you ever need to;

• Chat
• Eat
• Play many fun and somewhat childish games, such as:
Word Association
Truth or Dare
The Alphabet Game (different adjectives describing something, in alphabetical order).
• Make up stories with a different people, each adding a new line.
• Think of a country or place for every letter of the alphabet.
• Braid each others, or your own hair. This is really fun, and can be totally hilarious is you do crazy styles.
• Act like completely different characters for half an hour- try different accents, different lifestyles, and that sort of thing. I normally act Scottish because it's the only accent i can do.
• Have a Something-a-thon; Basically a marathon but without the running. I like Mime-a-thons, Accent-a-thons, and Jokeback-a-thons (saying your best comebacks for the entire thing). The something-a-hons last for 26.2 minutes, and are a great way to pass the time.
• Pretend that you're in a ___holics anonymous meeting, and act as you would, if you actually were. Caffeine-holics are funny because you can act super hyper.
• Act out scenes from you're favourite movies. Disney musicals are particularly entertaining.
• Sit down and slob about (not that we did much slobbing. Ahem)

These ten ideas will hopefully relieve any boredom in your future. If they don't? Well, after a while, you'll be so bored that you start making up your own games. I hope these helped, they certainly helped the days go quicker for me.

Jenny xx